March 15, 2011

They Will Never Stop...


So… what does one call the perpetual march towards totalitarian government in modern political discourse? Progressivism? Liberalism? Socialism? Marxism? Liberal Fascism? You can call it what you want; give it the ‘ism’ that best fits your educational understanding. The bottom line is it is communism (small c). Why? Because it all has as the goal of a Utopian society, where presumably we are all happy and the lower classes achieve equality, if not in financial means at least in comfort, with the bourgeoisie (the ‘haves’). Why the small ‘c’? Because Communism is expressly tied to Russia or China in the modern understanding of the word. One should study those countries experience; we could go back to Robespierre if you wish but for my purposes, it’s communism. This covers everything from Wilson to Roosevelt to Castro to Bush to Chavez to Obama. They all have one thing in common; government as a cure for what ails society as a whole. Never mind that history proves over and over again that government is indeed what ails society. The fate of this nation, founded in Liberty, resolved to vest power in the People, is dependent on the average American citizen’s understanding this; there is and has been for over a century, an intellectual assault on our republican form of government.

How do I, a humble man of modest means, temperament and education express this in less than a book? God only knows, but I shall attempt such with what I know best, common sense.

The hardest thing for the average person to understand is that decent people can do destructive things. Motivation is one of the primary elements of crime. One must understand why something is done in order to assign blame to the perpetrator. Why would an otherwise decent, loving and educated person work to undermine the greatest form of government known to Man? The answer, I have come to believe, is the innate emotion of compassion inherent in the human spirit. As ancient Man looked upon the animal world which all too often is nothing more than eat or be eaten, there was an instinctive desire to separate ourselves from that barbarity. As the lion eats the lamb, the superficial human emotion is compassion for the death of the lamb as opposed to the joy of a lion fed. This is the root of communism; an unreasonable desire to feed the lion without killing the lamb. Clearly the lion cannot survive without the death of the lamb. However, Man’s capacity of abstract thought has led him to the irrational conclusion that nature can be overcome.

Conservatives believe that Man is inherently flawed and tempted, but that we are tempered by faith in God, and that the good within us will overcome if we abide by God’s law to treat our fellow Man as we would have them treat us. We all fail in this quest, but it is the quest that is important. If we recognize that we all fail, then we can rise above our instinctive nature not as an individual, but as a whole. How? Accountability. It is only through personal responsibility that a society of humans can overcome our natural animal instincts. We alone among the creatures of the world have this ability.

Liberals believe that individual Man is inherently good. Only as a result of our pursuit of prosperity do we infringe on the rights of others. Only capitalism or religion causes our selfish nature. Therefore, if an omnipresent and omnipotent authority, here on earth, could replace our efforts with charity and structure, we would all naturally exist in harmony and peace. Their hubris allows them to believe our nature can be overcome with ‘progress’. This is the folly of communism. It fundamentally disassociates itself with Man’s inherent fallibility. While the majority of atheists are liberal, not all liberals are atheist. This is because communism preys upon the natural compassion of Man and indeed the natural compassion of Christianity and other religions. Misguided, short-sighted compassion rooted in Man’s desire for acceptance. Compassion for the lamb, not the lion. As if it is our place to judge the deserving. How arrogant.

This is where we fundamentally fail. When government conspires with business for the ‘greater good’, we understand that businesses are run by people, who are fundamentally selfish as are the politicians who conspire with them. When politicians craft legislation to ‘protect’ the people, they give themselves power. Power is sold to the highest bidder. When unions conspire with politicians to trade voter turnout for taxpayer funded benefits, we understand that corruption is inevitable. Why? Because we are human. Remember the first of the 7 irrefutable truths: “Human nature alone requires government. Human nature alone requires it be chained.”
From the administration of Woodrow Wilson and his ‘war socialism’ to FDR and the ‘new deal’ to LBJ and the ‘great society’ to Hillary Clinton and her ‘politics of meaning’ to George Bush and his ‘compassionate conservatism’ to Barack Obama and his ‘hope and change’ they all have one thing in common…government as a vehicle for the inherent goodness of Man to manifest itself in society. All fundamentally opposed to the Founding Fathers who warned of the imperfection of Man as the reason for limited power to be given to any government. Instead, they determined that individual Liberty, coupled with accountability would unleash our potential. And it has. They understood that individuals could be held accountable, but government never will. Such is history. To ignore this is futile and fatal.

It is time to intellectually accept the fallibility of Man. It is time to return this country to the basic foundations upon which it was created. Man is fallible; therefore he cannot be trusted with your Liberty. Liberty can only exist with accountability. When you give away your Liberty for a perceived advantage today, you give away your grandchild’s Liberty for a tyrant’s advantage tomorrow. What greater sin can there be than to subject one’s progeny to tyranny for one’s own comfort? If you make an unprincipled exception, then you have no principles. All political choices must be based on constitutional principles or they are simply stepping stones to tyranny. Are you the keeper of Liberty for your countrymen; or, are you the useful idiot that tyrant’s use to steal Liberty? Tyranny in the name of compassion is the lowest form of abrogation of duty.

The simple truth is this; people who allow tyranny for compassion’s sake, can’t possibly do so for real compassion, only self-love. They "compassionately" condemn future citizens to the slavery of communism for their own comfort and self-esteem while gleefully proclaiming "it's for the greater good." Through emotional greed they become the tyrant, allowing evil to inflict a nation formed for the true greater good of freedom; a beacon to all Mankind.

Finally, if God is perfect, how could he allow such emotions to corrupt Man’s soul? The answer, of course, is free will. In order for God to give Man free will, he must give him the right to be wrong. This is the exact basis for our form of government. Our Founding Fathers determined that Liberty was given by God Himself, not by Man. Man only steals Liberty. Therefore, any government that steals Liberty defies God. And by extension, any citizen that allows government to steal Liberty defies God. If you compromise republican principles for expedient accommodation, you defy the God of Abraham. Now, for me, I am not prepared to defy the God of Abraham or condemn my progeny to slavery; are you?

By: Keith D. Rodebush and Jon Thomas

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