March 28, 2010

7 Irrefutable Truths

The following are the 7 irrefutable truths of government. Obviously, history is rife with examples of these truths and therefore, I take no credit for any of them. I only lay them before you now in the interest of reflection and posterity. Only the brutal master Time will tell if humanity is learned of these truths:

  1. Human nature alone requires government. Human nature alone requires it be chained.
  2. Freemen produce more.
  3. Unlimited charity begets perpetual idleness.
  4. Liberty naturally decays toward Tyranny. Therefore, be ever vigilant in it's defense.
  5. The taking of private property is theft, even when government does it.
  6. Liberalism Kills.
  7. Ignorance Breeds Tyranny.

By: Keith D. Rodebush and Jon Thomas

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