March 3, 2010


Well, I've got a lot to say today and since I've been quite busy at work I'm not really focused. But then I thought, what the heck, I'll just ramble and you can listen if you want; if not you can move on to the next rambler.
First, I'll just say, that ultimately I was quite disappointed by Debra Medina. I don't usually call out people by name here unless it's vital to the point at hand. But I fell for it and had really high hopes for that ole gal. Let me first say that though I don't hold anything against Glenn Beck, cause I love the guy and what he's done to educate this nation is priceless, I think he kinda ambushed her. However, if you want to be Governor of the third largest state in the union perhaps you should be ready fer that, reckon? I only say that because Glenn could have had Rick Perry on the show and then out of nowhere asked him about his pushing the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine on the state of Texas and how he has deep ties to Merck who develops the vaccine and stands to make billions at $360 a pop for each girl under 12 that Perry tried to force the vaccine upon...but he didn't do that...did he? So those of us that supported Medina are a bit put off with ol' Glenn right now. However, I am if anything a fair man. And the bottom line is Mrs. Medina blew it. The tragedy is that she could have knocked it out of the park. What she should have said is this when asked if our government had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks:

"Of course not! That would be crazy! However, the attackers were here on student visas even though they were on terrorist watch lists. They were learning to fly planes but weren't interested in landing them. They had drivers licenses. The FBI was forbidden to share information with the CIA and vice versa. In other words, the federal government, like all large bureaucracies is utterly incompetent to handle complicated problems. Which is precisely why you should never put your faith in government. Instead put your faith in free individuals, like the men and women on flight 93, who after learning of what was transpiring, took it upon themselves to attack the attackers and take a plane down rather than allowing it to be used as a weapon against their fellow citizens. The bottom line is that the federal government cannot begin to match what a free individual can do. So we must all look within for solutions to our problems and not to the federal government."

Had Mrs. Medina answered thusly, she would likely be the next governor of the state of Texas.
But alas, she did not.

Next, is the primary election in Texas. I haven't done all my homework but as of this writing I know of at least five representatives from Texas who voted for the bailout who were subsequently re-elected in the primary this year. Let that soak in for just a moment. Five people who voted for the biggest boondoggle in American history and started what we all thought was a firestorm of anger that was going to unseat the incumbents who refuse to listen to the people, were RE-ELECTED!!

Please don't whine anymore. I don't want to hear it. You get exactly the government that you deserve. Truth is I have been converted. the liberals were right all along. You really are too stupid for Liberty. They have to lead you by the nose or you will do harm to yourselves. 'Throw the bums out!' is nothing but a quaint saying that you toss around to try to convince your peers that you're not a lamb happily loping along to slaughter. I hope you are proud.

And so here we are. What to do now? Well, I say get a very good vintage of scotch and a fine cigar. Enjoy it immensely. Reflect on your life and the freedoms you have enjoyed; undeserved as they were. Grandchildren and future generations be damned! Savor the moment while you still can. Anyone who has read my post on Medicare/Medicaid knows that the end of the American Dream is at hand. You think the Depression was bad? You don't have a clue. Wait till the bill comes due for socialism. It will make the '30's seem like childs play. Me? I'm looking for property to build the compound. Hoping God will find it prudent to take me before the bill comes. Ya'll have good luck with that whole ignorant complacency thing. I'm sure it will turn out alright, won't it?

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