March 21, 2010

The American Voter; GUILTY, of 1st Degree Murder

21st Day of March, the year of our Lord 2010

A day that will live in infamy. A day that historians will call out for centuries to come. A day that the only real constitutional republic in the history of the world came to an end. A day when the People's Liberty was forever trampled under the heel of soft tyranny. The day the Grand Experiment failed and was replaced by the ruse of munificent dictatorship.

Who must we blame for this devastating turn against freedom? Why, the people of course. A generous God has given Man the ability to think, reason, create, imagine and learn. The possibilities have been proven to be almost limitless. There is nothing that prevents anyone in America from picking up a book and reading about the founding of this country. Nothing that prevents anyone from learning about governments past and present; to discover which have failed and which have succeeded. Nothing prevents any voter from researching a politicians claims of supporting the people's freedom to determine their validity. And yet, we end up with a group of the most corrupt, incompetent and shallow minded individuals in the entire nation who now collectively steal the people's liberty while ingratiating themselves and making themselves exempt from the very oppression they force upon the people who gave them the power to do so. Recent events have shown unequivocably that the American people have neither the inclination nor the desire to open that book. The American people have no desire to have the fruits of their own labors determine their success in this life. The American people, even in recent elections have returned to power the very people who's boot is on their throat. Sheer ignorance is the only logical explanation of this suicidal journey towards socialism, which always ends in tyranny. Every historical record shows this. These records too, are available for every person who cares to find and read. And yet, they choose to abregate their responsibility for preservation of the republic and allow the world to fall under the oppressive mandate of the political elite. We as a people deserve not the liberty that God has given us. We the people are suicidally narcissistic and deserve not the freedom our ancestors died for. They died in vain. They died for a people who gave it all away for temporary personal comfort. The shame of history will be on this generation of Americans who allowed their intellectual laziness to murder the liberty of all future generations. Where in Hell do you place an entire generation who brought about the future oppression of millions, possibly billions of people worldwide yet to be born? Where in Hell do you place the people who brought down the greatest, most successful form of government that history has known? May God have Mercy on your souls; for I cannot.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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