May 27, 2015

The Red Badge of RAGE


‘Twas a sunny day when the towers fell,
Shocked; we watched the fiery Hell.

Each who cared, shared the grim despair,

Of the Jumpers’ spectral fall through the air.

‘They will pay’… the collective wail.

The ‘Greatest Generation’ gazed at the Youth,

Spoiled, indifferent, seemingly uncouth.

We say, Do they, have what it takes?

Will these young men define our fate?

The angry, righteous horde is loosed.

Engaging with a surgeon’s precision,

Honoring all with civil discipline,

The spear, the fear, the wrath unleashed.

A ‘New Generation’ Beelzebub meets,

Hampered only by our leaders whims.

With Honor, Dignity and Distinction,

They carry out the stated mission.

Despite the rules of war imposed,

By a despotic few, despised and loathed.

Heroes suffer incomprehensible derision.

Across the land, felt equally by all,

The unbearable weight, the inescapable pall,

Not of war, but political whores as never known before.

The soul of a nation stands up and roars!

A Patriots surge arrests the fall.

From the mouth of defeat, Victory sang!

By Purple Fingers despotism wanes.

Elections, objections and introspection,

The shaky first steps of democratic progression.

The tyrant in the spider hole hangs.

A weary nation plays the ignorant victim.

‘The One’ arrives with the Socialists’ dictum,

We achieved, now we leave our commitment cleaved.

Warriors abandoned, continue to bleed,

By suicide or death by the system.

Veterans abandoned by the Coward in Chief,

Chaos instigated in our own streets.

Harming, Alarming, the enemy is Global Warming,

While all across the world evil is swarming.

Christian’s heads are the food of the Beasts.

A clueless populace has turned the page,

Our destiny known to none but the sage.

Distraction of deviants, miscreants & racist malfeasance,

While the ‘Latest Generation’ bears the encumbrance,

Of the indomitable... Red Badge of Rage.


To all of our heroes: a heartfelt apology from THIS American whose shame is only outmatched by his PRIDE. May God Bless You All. Please allow yourselves to bury this burden and fulfill your purpose in living a life of joy from now till the Maker brings you home to your ultimate reward. No Greater Love…

by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. Aptly put . . . Our "Coward in chief "