October 1, 2015

Hang On! Cervara

Stone upon stone,
precariously balanced on the peak all alone.
Through the mist lies the shepherd's home.
The winds of time are beginning to moan.
Precious vessel of life;
like the concha atop the head of the laboring wife.
Neither rock nor brow being stranger to strife.
Hang on, Cervara!
Secure your load with all your might!

Tending the flock,
the shepherds of old hold back the clock.
The blink of an eye, and your lambs are lost.
Hang on, Cervara!
Do not pretend your foundation is rock.
Painfully learned,
lesson of how false fortunes are earned.
Piercing the darkness piazza lights burn.
Hang on, Cervara!
Patiently awaiting the shepherds return.

by: Keith D. Rodebush - April 13, 2002 in Cervara, Italy

1 comment:

  1. Many miles and years away,
    Previous exceptionalism begins to fray.
    A new generation the Marxists sway.
    Hang on, America!
    Lest you share Cervara’s fate!

    (Youth are the columns, Tradition the base, holding the capitol of Liberty. Lose the Youth and the structure crumbles from the weight of time.)

    Keith D. Rodebush