May 11, 2016

Letter To My Brother


My brother sent me a note referencing this Dennis Prager article:

(He was forwarding an interesting article and this doesn't constitute an endorsement of any view)

I responded and felt obliged to share it with you (without his permission, but he loves me and will forgive me I'm sure):

Hey Rock,

This is difficult; so I'll try to be brief. :-D

Trump won for one characteristic, two reasons and three policies.

One Characteristic:
Not Politically Correct. - Those who study history and Marxism understand that political correctness is simply a form of censorship intended to stamp down opposition to Marxist policies and cultural destruction. Marx well knew that the only way the collective could prevail was to destroy the family and religion; both of which are bastions of individuality that do NOT require government support. Patriots for many years have been disgusted with the cowardly nature of political correctness. Americans instinctively hate weakness, as General Patton so eloquently reminded us.

Two Reasons:
1. Ted Cruz did not initially handle the issue of Constitutional eligibility for office. It is way too complicated to go into here; suffice it to say, many REAL Constitutional conservatives were wary. He is a Constitutional lawyer. He could have petitioned the Supreme Court for a summary judgment. There are only three outcomes: No standing, Yes or No. The latter is doubtful, the other two would have at least set him apart as a man of honor seeking to be the Constitutional man he asserts to be.
2. Everyone, including Cruz COMPLETELY underestimated the extent to which the American people are ANGRY with their government. This is Revolutionary War era type anger. We are not represented by the people we elect. They represent special interest money and their own ambition and power hungry nature. Many would rather vote for a random person picked from the street than a politician. (BTW Cruz killed his outsider image with the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] vote)

Three policies:
1. Immigration - The American People are sick and tired of taking in lawbreakers and calling them citizens. There are a MASSIVE amount of peripheral issues involved, i.e. welfare, disease, ideology, culture, attitude, wages and jobs etc.
2. Trade - MOST Americans do NOT believe that the trade deals of the last several decades have been advantageous to the American worker. So-called 'conservatives' laud the benefits of 'Free' trade. A child can see that there is no free trade when foreign countries are not bound by all of the regulations and taxes of Liberalized government (EPA, Minimum wage, Healthcare etc.) while American companies are chained by same. Hence, the continuous and growing trade deficits of the past 25 years and the destruction of entire industries; steel, electronics and textiles to name a few.
3. Islam - Only ONE man is willing to stand before the American people and say in his relatively normal thinking way, "There's something going on here. We have to figure it out." Average thinking Americans have known this since the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, much less 9/11. Why do people kill innocents and claim it in the name of Allah? Those of us who have studied Islam since then, know exactly why. Their 'religion' commands them to. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. It is a totalitarian, Fascist form of government. A Theocracy if you will, but nonetheless Fascist.

The Characteristic, or ANY of the three policies ALONE would make for a powerful candidacy in todays political environment of complete and utter disdain for the political class. Together they may very well be an unstoppable force.
I predict that not only will Trump win; he will win in a landslide.

The alternative in many peoples mind is the second amendment only. God forbid.

BTW, and I should have led with this; I didn't vote for Trump. I was a Carson man.

Love ya Brah!


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