August 28, 2011

America is Not Divided


In my last two articles I have engaged in an intellectual exercise to show the merits of a true third party transition to carry America forward by going back to her traditional political framework rooted in the protection of the sacrosanct principles of rights to Life, Liberty and Property. If you have not, you should read those two first. It is also important to understand that no one person can successfully begin a third party. It must be a coalition of well respected leaders who act in concert to upend the apple cart at once.
I will attempt to bridge some of the knee-jerk emotional issues that the powers that be have enjoyably used to divide us as a people. This division gives them justification to control us and keeps the money flowing to campaigns with nothing to offer but vitriol. We must all recognize that we are in a cultural war for the soul of this nation. Our opponents sporting a plethora of names but Marxists all, have been playing for keeps for over a hundred years. It is incumbent upon us to fight with purpose to protect this constitutional republic for future generations. Nothing less than the existence of these United States is at stake. We will not win over every soul; but if we fight smart a vast majority of Americans will embrace Liberty again.

I begin with this issue for two reasons. One, the Marxists have long understood that the future of a nation is it's youth. That is precisely why they have infected every corner of education in this nation already. Two, the Founders understood that self government will only work with a virtuous and educated public. Nothing could be more important for the long term healing of this nation than to return education to a personal level where local parents control the content of their children's schools.
Entrenched bureaucracies are not easily dismantled, however, the Department of Education must be abolished. The dismal record of this federal monstrosity coupled with it's massive budget should make this easy, but alas it will not be. This action will have to be in concert with a national informational push to ensure all Americans that the legal system will be available and accessible to all citizens who require redress for discriminatory practices in any corner of America. Every American child has a right to access to an education. A voucher system is a possible bridge to an end, but ultimately complete control for education must return to the States and local municipalities. All States must be urged to include vigorous instruction in history that includes the virtue of protecting individual liberty and the dangers of collectivist thought in the 20th century. Political correctness must be ignored and we must teach that all collectivist thought is rooted in Marxism and totalitarianism and destroys Liberty. Americans as a whole are sick and tired of hearing how awful America is. Pride in our nation is a must for our children. America has done more to lift the people of the world out of poverty and oppression than any country in history and it's high time we bragged on it. Finally, we must use aggressive techniques to open the eyes of the urban populace. A good tactic is to turn an opponents methods against them. For instance we should frame the educational debate as a Freedom of Choice issue. Why shouldn't you have a choice where to send your child to school? Voucher programs in our Capital have shown this is a winning issue. We should also use class warfare, but in a different context. Rich people get to choose where to send their children to school, so why shouldn't you be able to choose? Equality in Education is our mantra. The children that are hurt the worst by the current federal education system are the poorest and in many cases minorities. We must embrace their plight as our own and lift them up to the freedom a good education can provide. Loose your chains and rise out of poverty!

Democrats are racists. That's right I said it and our leadership needs to say it over and over again. It's not enough to say though, you have to prove it. Our leadership must be schooled in democratic racism and prepared at any moment to provide documented evidence. All government poverty programs are predicated on the notion that minorities cannot excel on their own. The assistance given is not invected with positive reinforcement and entrepreneurial spirit. It is merely handouts intended to enslave the recipients to a political party. It is time to call them out constantly. Voting rights passed with Republican senators efforts to overcome Southern Democrat resistance. None other than LBJ voted against Truman's civil rights bill that among other things banned lynching, before he became President. Democrats/Marxists are shameless and have used the plight of black Americans for political gain and we should call them on it at every turn. Conservatives believe in Liberty for all and that includes responsibility. That being said, the simple fact is that the governments War on Poverty has been an abysmal failure and has devastated the urban minority populations. Our new task is to slowly change the focus and money for poverty programs to educational freedom and economic enfranchisement. Teaching minority communities to engage in free market capitalism will lift them out of poverty quicker than any handout possibly could. Imagine the enormous mountains of cash now frittered away in welfare programs being redirected to establish locally controlled excellence in education programs and free market capitalism for urban communities. Race must become irrelevant in America. No race question should be allowed on any government document, job application or census. As always the public must be assured that the legal system is available for redress of proven institutional racism, but otherwise we must get beyond race and treat people as people. Any urban poverty programs must be designed to disperse and rejuvenate the communities making 'poor' sections obsolete. All programs must also be designed to phase out slowly with successful results. These programs must be aggressive and temporary, no more than two generations should be required to set the minority population on the road to the success of Liberty coupled with free market capitalism. Finally political correctness must be abolished, ridiculed and aggressively exposed for the stupidity it represents. You have a right to be free, you don't have a right to not be offended. If you're offended, get over it and move on with your life, ignoring the offender if you must. This too must be taught in schools at an early age. Some people are jerks, move on!

This issue is another that requires mostly aggressive informational campaigning. My dad was 22 years in the Air Force and as conservative as they come. He taught me at an early age to respect the beauty of nature. We camped a lot when I was a child and we were always made to pick up the trash around a campsite before we left, even others trash. "Always leave it better than you found it." he would say. At first we hated it but eventually it became second nature. I admonished my friends not to litter all through the 70's. We all want clean air and clean water. Modern day environmentalists are no more than anti-capitalists and in some cases anarchists. Nothing reveals this any more than the Global Warming Hoax perpetrated by the 'Extreme Green' fascists led by the likes of Al Gore, who stood to profit considerably from Cap and Trade legislation. Conservatives need an aggressive campaign to fight for Free Market Green solutions. Americans respond to positive messages. We should adopt a positive, national pride and responsibility message that rejects government control and constantly points out the ridiculous but predictable arrogance of government environmental programs that destroy massive job creating and community enhancing projects for insignificant snails, lizards or weeds. It is good business to protect our environment and use our resources frugally and that is the message government needs to send. The most polluting nations in the world are those with extreme poverty. Just look at the rivers around massive poor populations around the world. Trash and human waste flow endlessly. Prosperous nations are the best equipped to institute free market intelligent pollution controls and develop newer technologies to provide clean sources of energy for our entrepreneurial society. This argument is easily winnable by anyone with the courage to stand and fight for common sense environmental respect.

So many times the current perceived societal problem is actually caused by previous governmental interference into something in which it has no business whatsoever. Marriage is a multi-millennial long tradition rooted in religious and cultural values of family. Early civilizations understood the advantages of cohesive family units in the raising of children, preserving societal safety and peaceful cohabitation. At what point did we agree that the government should control the tradition of marriage? What gives the government the authority to require a license for one to commit to a lifetime of dedication to a loved one? Clearly, government has no right whatsoever to interject itself into a tradition as long held in civil societies as marriage. By doing so, government has granted 'preferred status' to married individuals which inevitably leads to societal jealousy and division. Anytime government allows one citizen to be treated differently than another the end result will always be discrimination and corruption. I personally believe that homosexuality is an abomination. I believe that some are born with more of a predilection towards it, and others are drawn to it for emotional reasons. But if I go to Heaven, and God tells me my friends will not be with me there because they loved another of the same sex, I will have many questions about that 'God is Love' thing. Regardless of how or why it occurs, the simple act of one person loving another is in and of itself harmless to society at large. Freedom often means liberty for those with which we vehemently disagree. The criteria must always be the protection of rights of others. Same sex relationships do not pose a threat to my rights. However, freedom also means that religious and social organizations must be free to decide for themselves whether they will engage with or distance themselves from a behavior with which they find sinful and against nature. If you don't like that, then you are free to start your own church or your own social organization. Communities must be able to decide for themselves what homes they want children raised in. I'm sorry, but if your sexual preference by nature negates the possibility of children, then you have no right to raise them. If a church decides to marry same sex couples, the community can decide if they care to attend that church. No persons should be discriminated against when it comes to commerce, health or basic needs. The Constitution protects the Life, Liberty and Property of all Americans, period. No hospital has the right to tell a patient who can visit them. No insurance company has a right to tell a client who their benefits should be assigned to. The solution to this issue is to get the government the Hell out of our lives. Courts must protect Constitutional rights. Freedom of association must be respected. Religious freedom must be protected. Traditions developed over thousands of years of societal behavior should be left to society to evolve, not to the bureaucrats in an oppressive government.

The Constitution guarantees the protection of all Americans rights to Life, Liberty and Property.'s the first one. All others cannot be protected without first protecting life. All human life in America must be protected, period. No matter how one may want to resort to clinical means of obfuscation, not a single person on earth can tell me where life begins, not one. Therefore, we are obligated by the Constitution to err on the side of life. The taking of an innocent human life is murder plain and simple. We must educate our children that this is so. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, abortion is not one of them, it is the murder of an innocent child, no different than killing a 5 year old. Anyone who disagrees with this stance must be asked to prove when life begins. Failing to do so they should be called what they are, Murderers. The protection of innocent life has no place for political correctness or misplaced kindness. If you support the killing of a child you are an abhorrent creature deserving no respect or place in civil society. Truth.

We are a nation of laws. Any person who disrespects American law disrespects the American people. All American people, including those who legally migrate here. The Constitution requires the federal government to protect the States from invasion. Clearly we cannot simply open our borders to all who wish to come, there must be a sensible limit to allow assimilation into our society. The borders must be protected. The immigration laws in regards to businesses must be enforced. Legal immigrants must be respected by not allowing illegal immigrants to trample on their sacrifice. Any illegal immigrant in the U.S. is subject to deportation and/or legal jurisprudence. No one entering the U.S. illegally has any right to access public assistance, education or commerce. I don't care if you are Mexican, Guatemalan, Chinese, British or any other nationality on the face of the earth, you will enter America legally or you will get the Hell out. If the American people want to change immigration policy; we will. No foreign country has any right to interject in this process. Mind your own business.

Most Americans understand on a very fundamental level the importance of personal liberty and the destructiveness of collectivists intervention. Brainwashed Democrats will completely reject redistribution of wealth if practiced on a personal level. Go to any American house in the country and tell the occupant that you are taking their car away and giving it to a neighbor who cannot afford one. They will throw you off of their property, violently if so required. Conservatives must embark on an all out assault on Marxist principles of the collective above the individual. Strong, passionate and relentless rejection of all things communist will resonate loudly with the American people. If not for the successful lies of the left, they would not win a single election in the United States of America. Most people are hungry for a party to emerge and passionately fight for the soul of this nation. Let's Roll!!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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