August 4, 2011

A Call to Perry, Palin et al to Save America


Every generation is a living chapter of history. Historical boredom marks many a generation. The history that piques the interest of the scholar, whether armchair or ivory tower, is that which takes place during extremely difficult times. History frowns upon the ill-prepared. Examine some of the problems facing America and the world and you begin to fathom the depth of this generation’s challenge:

• Spread of Violent Islamic Jihad and Sharia Law
• Unsecured Borders/Unenforced Immigration Laws
• Rampant Corruption in Government
• Marxist Infiltration/Indoctrination in all Aspects of Government and Education
• Economic Terrorism
• High Unemployment
• Assault on and Disregard for, Our Constitutional Republican Form of Government
• Assault on Free Market Capitalism
• Loss of Property Rights
• Intrusive Police State
• Divisive Class & Racial Politics
• Loss of Respect For Life
• Loss of Faith in Our Creator
• Science Corrupted by Ideology
• Educational & Intellectual Decline
• Yellow Journalism
• Rife Dishonesty
• Collapse of Justice System into Political Tool
• Profligate Spending & Taxation
• Excessive Regulations on Business
• Unholy Alliance of Corporations and Government
• Loss of Sovereignty
• Loss of American Identity & Culture
• Communist Chinese Military Build-Up
• Nuclear Proliferation Among Radical Dictators
• Decline of Western Civilization & Values
• Demographic Demise of Europe

The list is almost endless. The sloth and arrogance of the American people coupled with the onslaught of Marxist thought and incompetent & corrupt leadership have led this great nation to the precipice of destruction. Chaos, tyranny, violence, hunger and death will engulf the world if the People of America do not instigate a paradigm shift in the United States federal government. What is at stake is whether Mankind will have a bulwark against fascism, and whether Liberty will be defended on the international stage. If America does not stand for Freedom and the concept of individual worth and prosperity, what nation will do so?

The two-party political system in America, having served us well for some period of time, has devolved in the last century into co-equal oppressors. Recent hopes for the Republican Party to rise to the calling of the People for constitutional republicanism have been dashed following historic elections in 1994 and 2010. The frustration of the People is beyond the ability of language to quantify. Party leadership makes it ever so apparent to thinking Americans that the GOP has no real interest in dismantling centralized, unconstitutional government; only controlling it for their own personal power and prosperity at the expense of the rights of the Several States and the Liberty of the People.

The challenges facing this nation are much too great for any one person to properly engage. While true leadership has been lacking in recent decades we are blessed to have in the political realm a handful of charismatic, energetic, patriotic, honest and intelligent individuals who have risen to the forefront to fight for a return to the Founding principles. The recent Tea Party movement contains a vast cross section of hard-working American People longing for a return to our traditional values & principles. It is within this context that I hereby request a coalition of individuals to combine their efforts in the cause of Liberty. It is with the full measure of spiritual muster that I call upon:

Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Allen West…

Rise above your personal ambition. Give flight to your patriotic fervor. Embrace the yearning American People and carry the torch of Liberty for a Second Revolution. A revolution of peace brought forth through the very construct of our Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution. Launch the ship of redemption for the Great Experiment and lead a third party, The Tea Party to a historic victory in the coming election of 2012. There are many who will follow and lead, but your popularity and resonance will solidify our efforts. I truly believe that, We the People of the United States of America would feverishly support such a movement to the extent that a historical shift in the political landscape will ensue. Upon seeing the popularity and spirit of such a movement, GOP candidates nationwide will abandon the old guard establishment and join this effort at haste. Democrats and Independents who have been locked in a political nightmare having truly been abandoned by their party years ago will also join. I have worked hard all of my life, prayed hard and been loyal to my country. I am a proud man not prone to begging but I beg each and every one of you; look into your hearts, pray; and help us save this, the greatest nation known to Mankind.

History is made by those with the courage to make it. Do not allow the waning flame of Liberty to be vanquished from the Earth. Deep within your hearts you know that current political parties will never allow the dismantling of centralized powerful government. This can only be done by an outside force, emboldened by the will of the People and blessed by Providence. Time may be unkind to procrastinated action. The fate of the world desperately awaits your decision. I urge you with all dispatch, lead us to victory!


In Liberty,


Besieged American


  1. Rick Perry for President? The governor who passed the margins tax in Texas. Has tried to shove the trans-Texas corridor down our throats. The guy who tried to mandate HPV vaccines for little girls.

    Rick Perry? The former Texas campaign manager for Al Gores first presidential bid.

    Herman Cain? Mr. Former Fed President who claims we don't need to audit the private Federal Reserve because there is "nothing to see"

    Michele Bachman? The self proclaimed TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party spokes person who is a former prosecutor for the IRS.

    What about Ron Paul? Has he not followed the constitution enough over his 25 years in congress to fit the description of integrity you say we need?

    The sad truth is you wrote an article about Ron Paul and tried to insert political whores into his place.

    Excellent blog until you defiled it at the end.

  2. If you check closely on anyones record, yes even your glorious Ron Paul you can find freckles. By the way, I like Ron Paul. As with all Libertarians he loses me with liberal social policies and naive foreign policy. If he wanted to come along and assist I would be fine with it. I included his son instead, the younger generation. You should note that I did not suggest a presidential candidate. I suggested that some of the most popular individuals who have sided fairly consistently with the Tea Party, should come together as a coalition to defeat the GOP and the Democrats. I stand by the analysis. Obviously, we could spend all day on who could be added or deleted from the list. Perry's record on business and unapologetic faith make him a viable factor to help defeat establishment Republicans. Paul is a champion of the Constitution no doubt; in speeches. But he has also sided with Democrats on many bills over the years that are counter to it, as most all of them have.
    I appreciate your comment and thanks for reading.


  3. Keith, I'm a youth pastor in Williamson County. I cut my teeth on Charles Finney, Gordon Olson, John Wesley, and other preachers of righteousness. I firmly believe the Bible's admonition that without holiness, "no man will see the Lord."

    Your characterization of Ron Paul as a man who advocates "liberal social policies" is dangerously misinformed. First, a vice is not a crime. As proprietor of a blog dedicated to preventing tyranny, I imagine you understand that the proper role of government is to protect the life, property, and liberty of those governed. That is true of all civil governments in general. And in the specific case of our federal, Constitutional government, its powers are FAR fewer, and narrower in scope.

    Why do I characterize your view as dangerous? Because – if you follow the consensus of most modern evangelicals – your solution to dilemmas such as “gay marriage” and drug abuse is to empower the federal government to enforce Biblical standards of righteousness. Not only is this approach contrary to the Constitution in spirit AND letter, but history and reason teach us that all we will accomplish is to further empower the federal government!

    Which is more likely: that DC will permanently preserve our traditional institutions and usher in godly social norms? Or that DC will force our Christian daycares to hire homosexuals? (And mandate the fifty States to give full faith and credit to “civil unions” from liberal States? And erode our Bill of Rights protections? Etc.) 9 out of 10 times when the government gains new power or jurisdiction, it abuses, it regulates, it taxes, and we get more TYRANNY. True victory is downsizing DC and cutting the head off the beast (figuratively speaking, of course.) “Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook?” No, and we cannot tame Washington to do our bidding.

    I get angry when I hear accusations against a righteousness man like Ron Paul. God help us. Are you unfamiliar with the “Sanctity of Life Act” that Dr Paul has repeatedly introduced – for years – to limit the Supreme Court's jurisdiction on abortion matters, affirming that life begins at conception, and allowing the States to begin prosecuting abortion doctors again? Or Dr Paul's championing of the DOMA? Dr Paul is the best friend of the unborn, and of liberty, and of peace.

    Any Christian who follows the Prince of Peace, and enjoys the freedom from every “yoke of bondage” ought to have Ron Paul at the top of their Christmas list. There is not a more humble servant of God walking the halls of Congress.

  4. Edit: that should be "righteous man," not "righteousness man."

  5. I love the name of your blog. Very appropriate.

    Unfortunately there are many who think they know what is going on and are awake and really have glaring blind spots where they have no clue.

    I agree with Schoppe and AlanC. Very well put comments.

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  7. Keith,
    I would also like to respond to your comment about foreign policy. The real naivety is found in foreign policy statements like these: "If we don't fight them over there, we'll have to fight them over here," or "We have to go to war to protect American interests," or my favorite, "They hate us because of our freedoms." These sky-is-falling, fear-mongering anthems are as false as they are un-Christian. They are jingoism.

    You want to fight Muslim terrorism? Stop throwing water on the grease fire. Remove US troops from the Arabian peninsula, and stop building permanent military bases there. End economic sanctions, which only hurt innocent civilians, not leaders.

    Have you ever seen the video of Madeleine Albright saying that Clinton's Iraq sanctions, which killed over half a million (!) people - most of them under age 10 - were "worth it" ??! Not to mention we bombed Iraq for 10 years. Welcome to US foreign policy 101...these are the reasons why they hate us. This is not naive, it's common sense. Just come home, and we would rob all this Muslim anti-American fervor of its oxygen.

    If we really wanted to westernize the ME, we would end all the occupations and sanctions and instead encourage trade. 50 WalMarts in Iraq would be more beneficial to "US interests" than deploying 50,000 ground troops. Ironically, war and sanctions are genuine isolationism, not free trade and diplomacy.

    Naivety is thinking we can continue to spend over $1 Trillion annually maintaining our comically expansive foreign military presence. We are spread too thin and we are nearing bankruptcy, neither bodes well for national security. Let's build a strong national defense, with "defense" being the key word. Peace through strength.

  8. Alan,
    I appreciate your thoughts greatly. Please don't misunderstand, I love Ron Paul. His oratorical and written defense of Liberty and the Constitution is refreshing. I have been following him for decades. I would vote for him for my representative any day. I would not, however vote for him in the Presidential primary but if he wins, we could do much worse than he as our President.
    I doubt that we can have a real debate on issues in a comments section but feel free to email me and we'll have at it? :-)
    I don't think we will ever agree on foreign policy or drugs. I believe that both should be done differently but not abandoned. If we didn't have a strong presence around the world someone would fill that void. History proves this.
    Ron thinks that abortion is a states rights issue. I disagree. Murdering babies is not something that a state can give approval to in my opinion. Many try to 'split the baby' on this issue. I do not. Life is the first one of our unalienable rights. You cannot protect the others if you don't protect the first.
    Again I appreciate your passion for Liberty and we are probably not as far apart on things as you may think. BTW I have stated no policy on gays and drugs, you may presume too much. But I will be soon so stay tuned!

    God Bless,