October 19, 2011

Islam Will Destroy Western Civilization


Every day the news exposes another worldly event that is detrimental to peace, freedom and republicanism. Many times the story is actually shrouded in words such as 'democracy' like the coverage of the so-called Arab Spring. Democracy is the furthest thing from their minds. They are Muslims. If that offends your sensibilities it exposes your naivete. Muslims don't believe in democracy for it allows free expression that is anathema to their teachings. If they did, their fellow Muslims would ostracize if not kill them. Muslims are to emulate Mohammed in spirit and in life. Of course not his real life, but his canonical life. His real life was as a raider of caravans, raper of women, murderer of children and conqueror of many a peaceful peoples. The Holy Quran calls for Muslims to engage in jihad to make Islam the world religion. All infidels are to be forcebly converted, enslaved and pay jizyah or be killed. This is the history of Islam. They have invaded and raped advanced cultures like India and turned it into a Medieval throwback for centuries. Everywhere on earth where Islam is the one and true 'religion' of the state, the result has been devastating. Just look at Egypt, a once proud, advanced, exceedingly successful nation, reduced to a tourist trap and now even too dangerous for that to occur. The future for Egypt does not bode well. Don't doubt me. For decades Turkey was the poster child for moderate Islam and secular government. Well that nation is rejecting moderation for true Islam lately. Public officials have been rejecting the notion that there even is a moderate Islam. Where Islam is practiced, moderation can not long survive. History proves it time and again.

Now when Muslims over step their ability to control an area, they may pause and regroup, sometimes for decades or even centuries. Eventually, however, they will expand and when they do it will be violent, swift and ruthless as it has always been. The only reason the Western world has been able to progress and enjoy the peace and prosperity that it has, is because past Christians defeated Muslims on the field of battle and left them licking their wounds, banished to the Middle Eastern tribal nations. As always they have bided their time, solidified their conquests and prepared for the day that Jihad would return for them. Their oral tradition goes back almost 1500 years. They are a very patient and determined group of people. To ignore them is to ensure the defeat of Western Civilization for the foreseeable future. Not that we necessarily need help in tearing down our civilization lately.

I have studied Islam. I could cite several sources here. A 'moderate' Muslim could cite several more that showed them to be the 'Religion of Peace'. I urge you to study on your own. Don't study contemporary apologists though, study them. Read Muslim scholars. Read of their bragadocious exploits in enslaving conquered nations. Read of the slavery as reward for Jihad, mostly sexual slaves. The men were killed. The women and children enslaved. When they talk amongst themselves they brag on it. Of course, you will not hear this in a United Nations speech. So I challenge you. Read old Muslim scholars. Then decide for yourself. Is Islam a religion? Or, is it a totalitarian form of government? Or is it just a way to enslave a nation and profit from the spoils? Is it a religion of peace? Or is it a fascist movement brutalizing women and killing or enslaving any who disagree with their form of civilization? You study. You read. Then, tell me where the moderate Muslim exists. For if they do, their own fellow Muslims would slay them on sight, according to their very own religious tenants.

The Constitution assures the freedom to practice the religion of your choice in America. Does that include a 'religion' whose core principle is totalitarian government which is antithetical to the Constitution itself? I think not. Many of the Founding Fathers thought not. What think you?

by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. Keith, I agree that Islam is a murderous, violent religion. However, those who wish to practice some peaceful form of it in our Republic are free to do so and should enjoy the protection of our laws and Constitution. So long as any man does not violate your right to life, liberty, and property, he has not transgressed against you and should not be harassed or oppressed.

    Your last paragraph is insane, Keith. What exactly are you proposing? Thought police? An inquisition? Laws govern ACTIONS. Moderate Muslims exist in your neighborhood. But you are sure to radicalize them with this kind of speech. Your fear-mongering is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. While I agree with your analysis in spirit there is a problem. Everywhere in the world where Muslims have migrated in large numbers, they eventually ask for autonomy and Sharia law. This is already happening in many places here in America. When states, like Oklahoma try to pass laws banning Sharia from our courts they are met with hateful rhetoric and politically correct 'tolerance' groups. Just what do you propose a nation with a Constitution should do? Muslims would have to reject Sharia law in order to live in America peacefully long term. Do you suspect they will do that; or as they have done every where else, will they ask for autonomy and Sharia law in 'their' area?

    Thanks for reading, Alan.