November 13, 2011

Jilted Once Again


Have you ever had a friend who got into a relationship with someone that everybody but him/her knew was no good for them? They turn them against their own friends. "You don't need them, you have me." They try and change them into something that they are not. No matter how much you try to warn them, they go down the road to destruction, eyes wide open, seeing nothing. It always ends terribly. First losing their friends, then even family is turned on. Isolation. The ultimate demise is harsh and usually comes with an all at once epiphany that everyone was right. Indeed a rude awakening. Then the apology tour begins and a sad shell of who they used to be starts the long road to recovery.

This is the situation I find my fellow conservatives in during this primary process. The femme fatal if you will is the media and the establishment Republicans. They are manipulating the voters with the express intent of destroying any true conservative candidate. "You don't need them, we have ObaMitt Romney." It only takes a few points of drop in the polls and the voters get nervous, they sense defeat and begin looking for the next savior. Of course whoever is next in line will be slandered as well. Whether it is Bachmann with the HPV deal, which was trivial in hindsight, relaying what a voter said; or Perry with "Niggerhead", a place he didn't own, didn't name, and even removed the name, yet he is attacked as 'racist'. Then Herman Cain, by all accounts a decent hard-working Christian man, is accused of sexual harassment with not so subtle undertones of the old Democratic South's "Mandingo" fear mongering. "They're coming for our white women. Hang 'em!"

In Perry's case, he may have self destructed anyway. His immigration stance and calling voters who disagree, 'heartless' did more damage than anything in my opinion. But the intent was clear, if he was rising in the polls he was going to be taken down by any means necessary. Aided and abetted by the beltway Republican pundits. In all cases the initial accusation is irrelevant. The rhythmic mantra that goes on like an Occupy Wall Street drum beat drives the point home to all conservative voters. "He/she is unelectable. They are too extreme. They are racists. They are immoral. They are stupid. The independents won't vote for them." On and on by Marxist propagandists and beltway pundits alike. The narrative is unrelenting. Finally, we are separated from our friends. By the time we realize what has happened it is a truly rude awakening. The supporters of the conservatives who cried foul were right. Their candidate was really just a true conservative (or played one on TV in Perry's case) and we were played like a Stradivarius to question our choice, abandon our principles and fail to defend our own once again. Isolation. The apology tour is coupled with passive/aggressive support for the only choice left to us; the milquetoast RINO that the Marxists wanted to run against. We rationalize our support in a sad sort of cognitive therapy. "Maybe they'll govern as a conservative. Maybe the independents will really like them and vote for them. Maybe this time it'll be different. As long as we beat Obama it doesn't matter. Maybe they really mean it. Maybe they will really change the federal government."

The pathetic victim takes years to recuperate, recharge and re-invigorate the debate. "We won't let them tell us who to vote for next time. No, next time it will be different." And then the band warms up and the same old tune begins to play. The target is the same. The music gets louder. We start tapping our toe...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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