October 3, 2011

Obama Didn't Fail


Watching all of the pundits dissecting the upcoming elections, it is always comical to see them all find different ways of saying that President Obama has failed. The right leaning pundits scream incompetence while the left leaning pundits pontificate about his leadership style and how Republicans just want him to fail. It's hilarious! These are supposed to be the smart people, you know the ones with their finger on the pulse of politics. They are clueless.

Barrack Obama didn't fail. He is hugely successful. He wanted to control the economy, grow central government, punish America for her past sins, strengthen unions, cause societal chaos, vilify capitalism, appease Islam, decrease military power and increase energy prices. He has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. You see, Obama is a Marxist. This is the hurdle that the typical pundits can't get over. They have been brainwashed by political correctness to not call anyone that name. Why? Because even with 100 years of pushing Marxist policies, the Democrats know that Karl Marx is still a reviled figure primarily because of his historical media ties to Stalin and the debacle that was Soviet communism. Marx's ties to other historical figures such as Mussolini, FDR and LBJ of course are ignored. So the American Marxists have been very deft at changing their name (progressive or liberal or moderate etc.) and covering their tracks while they push the agenda forward. Obama is no different, taking a populist tone while behind the scenes implementing collectivists policies and destroying the framework of free market capitalism. He's even found some willing accomplices due to the embedded crony capitalist nature of modern American government.

So, why is the tag 'failure' applied to Obama so often? Because the reality is that his ideology is what has failed. Obama, like all good Marxists has no clue about how an economy really works. They completely underestimate the comfort factor and they have no clue about the American spirit. When business feels uncomfortable with the future, they retract. When the People of America feel their liberty slipping away, they don't spend freely. Spending and investment is the fuel that runs this economy. Marxists have no understanding of this and even if they did, they would try to control it instead of unleashing it and they would fail anyway. Marxists see the economy as a foundation that society is built upon. Their failure has always been in seeing this foundation as a static thing. If they can just take control of this foundation, then they can build whatever society they want on it. Alas, Utopia. But you see the foundation is not static. It can grow or shrink or crack and even collapse. This one failure of foresight is why every communist experiment has failed miserably. This fundamental flaw of Marxism is why it will always fail. Sometimes really smart people find it impossible to understand really simple things. Take freedom for instance. Every average person walking the earth has an innate understanding of freedom and what it means to them, personally. Most understand how it is beneficial to society at large. Intellectuals often have no clue about freedom and what it means to society. They are used to manipulation and control so the pure concept of liberty escapes them. This is why country folk generally distinguish between book smarts and common sense. We don't see Harvard professors as smart people, only as educated people. The smart people are the ones bright enough to know that if you punish success you'll have less of it. So you see, Obama has accomplished almost everything he set out to do. Decreasing the military strength in a time of war has proven the most difficult but the debt ceiling deal with it's super committee has laid that in his lap. Without an agreement extreme cuts to military spending will take place. There will be no deal.

Now that we know that what has failed in America is Marxism we must eradicate it. Please don't be fooled by useful idiots that will try to distinguish between Socialism and Marxism. Socialism is merely a step to total control as Marx himself outlined. Whatever the name, it is collectivist thought. Subjugate the individual for the good of the whole. Allow the elite to rule and all will be perfect. Heaven on earth, because they really don't believe in Heaven above. We must not lose this knowledge. Europe is currently learning the hard lesson of trying Marxism on a semi-global scale. Now profitable countries are being asked to support unproductive nations for the good of the whole. The results are disastrous. We must teach our children of this destruction. They will not learn it in public schools run by Marxist unions and Marxist bureaucracies. We must vet our political leaders voraciously. One hint of Marxist thought should disqualify any potential candidate. Marxism must become transparently known for the destructive failure that it is in all of it's forms, especially those disguised as compassionate. Destroying our economy and our children's liberty is not compassionate, it is vile and immoral.

This country can ill afford another Marxist becoming as successful as Barrack Hussein Obama has been. Recent riots on Wall Street show the success of his class warfare strategy among our youth. We cannot afford to allow Marxists to steal another generation of our children. Many of the current crop are already lost. Let us not lose another generation. Teach your kids and grandkids about Marxism in all of it's disguises. Vet your politicians closely. America cannot survive this kind of success.

by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. That our nation’s own Socialist Party USA opposes Obama’s policies on health care, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the economy proves nothing to you? And Obama has no Marxist leanings. Marxism advocates the eventual disintegration of the state, something which Obama has done nothing to implement. If anything, he’s empowered the state, not the other way around. Marxism advocates the liberation of the working class – Obama has shown little interest in establishing a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Obama’s policies are the antithesis to Marxism. Get your facts straight.

  2. You appear to be working from two false assumptions. One, that if Obama was a Marxist that he would immediately implement total Marxism in America. Two, that Marxism works in practice which it doesn't as it is a flawed philosophy from the beginning. This would indicate a young mind that has not matured enough to see the nuance of politics. Thirdly to say that Obama has no Marist leanings is to ignore his own statements. You not only need to get your facts straight, you need to get your mind right. Marxism is not utopia, it is not about the people, it is about central planning and the individuals liberty subjected to the state. If you don't like freedom feel free to leave us and kiss your chains elsewhere.