July 29, 2011

Of Battles and Wars


We are at war in America. The Second Revolution is under way. Fortunately our Founders provided us a way to have a bloodless war in America, a political war. The latest Washington fiasco called the Debt Ceiling Crisis is the first major skirmish in this war. The Obama health care debate leading to the rise of the T.E.A party (taxed enough already) was the shot heard round the world for this revolution. Now the two sides have shored up the troops, picked their hills to defend and are prepared for an all-out assault on the enemy. For liberals the enemy is the working American who actually pays taxes, the entrepreneur who actually creates jobs and the U.S. Constitution. For conservatives the enemy is Marxist politicians who want centralized socialist government to replace our constitutional republic and all of the useful idiots who support them. In the first revolution the beginning major battles were lost by the Patriots, but with General George Washington’s patient leadership they were able to fight a war of skirmishes, retreats and attacks until the British were worn, over-extended and defeated. We will not have the luxury of a drawn out conflict, nor do we have leaders such as those we had at our founding. This war may very well turn on this battle and the next; the 2012 elections. Even victory now and in the next election will not end the war, however. In many cases the bigger threat is from complacency upon victory allowing Republicans to return to their duplicitous nature of preaching conservatism while propping up unconstitutional programs, colluding with lobbyist, increasing spending infinitely and compromising principles for political purposes. Congress must return to Constitutional principles. They will probably have to be forced to by the several states and the People. The courts must return to the original intent of the Constitution and stop manipulating the actual words to fit a contemporary template of perceived repression. The power of Congress to impeach wayward Justices must be dutifully engaged. The People must understand they have the right to pursue happiness, not a federal government guarantee of such. Unconstitutional programs such as Social Security and Medicare must be taken off of the federal budget and stand on their own. If the People want these programs they must pay for them totally. Any increase in benefits must immediately result in increased deductions from paychecks. Incompetent, immoral and unethical government employees must be summarily fired. All government employee unions must be dissolved. If you don’t like it go to work in the private sector. Entire departments of government such as the Department of Education and the Department of Energy and the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor must be abolished. Congress must embark on a twenty year plan to repeal laws rather than write new ones. Current laws that are constitutional and necessary must be enforced vigorously. No new laws are needed at this point. A twenty year moratorium on new laws coupled with a twenty year process of repealing over-reaching, complicated, unconstitutional and unnecessary laws is required. Tax code must be abolished and replaced with a flat tax with zero deductions for any citizen in the entire nation. If you make a dollar you pay the same rate as if you make 10 billion dollars. The rich will still pay more because they make more, duh! I have already shown how the budget can be balanced in one year with a 7% flat tax in a previous blogpost. The Department of Justice must be overhauled and a Constitutional amendment must be passed to change how the Attorney General of the United States is selected. Currently this position is nothing more than a political hack who will protect the President at all costs. Both parties approve the nominations of the other no matter how unqualified they are. Witness AG Ashcroft and AG Holder of recent administrations. These positions must be filled through some type of electoral process. I suggest an election by the 50 governors but even that would be politicized at some point. Whatever the process the President and the party leadership must be completely outside of it. Strict rules must be in place to vigorously prosecute and imprison any AG who skirts his/her duty for political purposes, i.e. Holders refusal to prosecute the Black Panther poll intimidators. America must stop spending the People’s taxes on foreign governments who are not true friends of the American people. Wars must be fought viciously for maximum effect or not fought at all. No American life is worth a temporary political gain. When America’s national interest are at stake we must fight and we must win. Otherwise, we isolate, marginalize and refuse commerce with anyone who works against the interest of international peace and prosperity. Anyone. Including ‘well-meaning’ goodie two shoes without a clue.

These are but a few of the enormous challenges ahead for this nation. We are at war now and the outcome of that war will determine whether this Grand Experiment founded on the idea that Man can govern themselves, that our rights come from our Creator and that no government has the authority to abridge those rights will succeed and continue to bring peace and prosperity to millions of people worldwide; or whether it will fail and the world will be destined for tyranny, oppression, chaos and bloodshed such as has never been witnessed on this earth heretofore. Choose your side wisely my fellow countrymen. May God Bless the United States of America in this, the mother of all battles for Liberty.

nex ut tyrannus!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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