July 2, 2011

Liberty or Comfort?


This Independence Day weekend is just the time for us all to reflect on what type of future we want for our children. We are at the end of a hundred years of toying with socialism in America and the results are in and they are disastrous. This is not just an indictment of the Democrat party though they have embraced Marxist ideology wholly at this point. The minor intrusions into our republican form of government by all politicians erode our freedoms as well, even more insidiously. When a Republican agrees to an unconstitutional bill to tell business how it must pay it's employees, it undermines any argument against another bill to tell businesses anything else; smoking, vacation days, forced maternity leave, dress, calorie count, saturated fat content, union membership...and on and on and on. Any politician who ever voted for a minimum wage is just as guilty as Barrack Hussein Obama, avowed Marxist, when it comes to undermining the Constitution. All of these intrusions make doing business harder. The economy suffers, unemployment rises, and the people lose prosperity and Liberty. Recently, in Michigan the citizens voted that all people must be treated equally in hiring and college admissions and the Michigan appeals court shot it down because; it's unconstitutional! This is the insanity that ensues when our founding principles are undermined by government. Why shouldn't the court rule that way? Government has interjected itself into every nook and cranny of our lives. The Supreme Court has upheld this expansion of centralized government. How can anyone argue against it? This is what happens when you compromise the Constitution for your purposes. You cannot then tell someone else that they cannot compromise it for their purposes. This is the result of collectivist thinking. Call them liberals, progressives, left, RINO, communist, fascist, Marxist or whatever nom de plume you please and the result is the same; a steady erosion of Liberty and property rights ending in destruction of prosperity and eventually chaos and tyranny in the guise of security. It has happened everywhere it's tried. It has happened throughout history even before Marx articulated the collectivist ideal. Every time that personal freedom and right to property is subverted the masses suffer and eventually turn on the bourgeoisie. This is what is occurring in Europe and beginning to happen here. The only reason class warfare works is that we indeed do have a bourgeoisie in this country. It is the result of the unholy alliance between business and government epitomized by the T.A.R.P. bailout of banks that colluded with government to make home loans that could never be paid back; a stupid financial policy that could not exist in a free market separate from government. Regulation is just a buzz word used by government to interject itself into business. It thereby gains power and expectantly results in rife corruption in the form of Lobbyist and campaign contributions. Lobbyist wouldn't exist if government didn't have extensive regulatory power; unconstitutional power. All of which perpetuates more regulation, more corruption, more debt, more poverty and eventual collapse of the economy. It is as clear as a pane of pure glass. Every media person or politician who argues otherwise is your enemy. They are liars, thieves and tyrants or idiots and deserve nothing but contempt. They destroy that which is good and perpetuate that which is evil. They hurt not just themselves but people the world over who lose faith in America and turn to dictators for security. America's unique place in the world gives it much power and much responsibility. When we work for good, the world is more prosperous and peaceful. When we do not, the world suffers even more greatly than we, as we are already prosperous and they are struggling to be so. Struggling because they have yet to fully embrace freedom and individual responsibility. If you ever again cast a vote for a liberal R or D, you condemn the whole world to suffer more. You condemn your own family to suffer more. You condemn generations yet born to suffer even more.

This nation was founded on the belief that all Men have rights given by God, not Man. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Any intrusion into these rights by Man is evil and immoral. Any citizenry that allows such, abrogates their responsibility to pass this freedom on to their progeny. It is one thing to give up your freedom. It is quite another to give away your child's freedom. It is a crime worse than murder for it steals not just the life of your child, but their children grandchildren great-grandchildren etc. So as you celebrate this Holiday with your family, look them in the eyes and promise them with all your heart that you will work tirelessly to preserve our republican form of government to secure their Liberty. If you can't do that, then at least have the guts to tell them the truth; that you are sacrificing their freedom for your own personal comfort.

Enjoy the freedom you have left this weekend. Revel in the founding of the greatest nation known to Man. Celebrate with luminations and cannon shot the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Then ruminate about these things and what they truly mean. Buttress your spirit and prepare for battle for the forces of evil are indeed here to steal your country. Ignore it at your peril. May God Bless the United States of America.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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