August 8, 2014

No Military Solution For Cowards


In his recent book, Tyranny of Cliché’s, Jonah Goldberg presciently points out how modern Marxists/Progressives/Liberals/Communists/Socialists/Democrats (hereafter referred to simply as ‘Marxists’ for their ideological founding), use a perversion of language to persuade the masses that their tyrannical views are really not as bad as ALL historical results would make painfully apparent; i.e. “While I may disagree with you I will defend to the death your right to say it” is but a cheap escape from actually having to prove your point with logic or fact and a desperate plea to move on lest one notices the speaker has not a clue. His chapter “Violence Never Solves Anything” is a companion piece to this article and all are encouraged to read it.

This article deals with the oft-mentioned cliché, “There is no military solution.” Actually, there is always a military solution. In fact, history is nothing BUT a documentation of military solutions. What has given this particular cliché legs is the emergence of Marxist ideology into modern society. As proof of same I submit to you the following:

Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII were ALL solutions.

Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, War on Terror were NOT.

What is the difference in these wars? The previous had no substantial Marxist influence whereas the latter ALL had substantial Marxist influence. What does that mean? Well, it means that none of the latter wars were fought to be won. They were all fought to appease a Marxist press that was and is all too eager to impugn the motives of the particular politicians who waged these wars. Yes, even their own Marxist extraordinaire, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

You see, to Marxists their entire struggle presupposes the oppression of the masses at the hands of the powerful. It is not so much that the true Marxists actually believe this is the case. It is just that this is how they SELL their scheme to the unsuspecting masses. Therefore, the powerful can NEVER be allowed to be seen as righteous or good, they must ALWAYS be evil. This is why you get really stupid revelations like Hillary Clinton claiming that she and ‘Bill the pervert’ were ‘Dead Broke’ when they left the White House. She can NEVER be seen as one of the powerful, for they are ALWAYS evil. The same is true for the Palestinian ‘struggle’. Despite their terrorist ways, they will always be seen as the poor oppressed minority and they can kill Jews indiscriminately and some Hollywood useful idiot will always champion their cause. The Israeli Army is powerful, so all that oppose them MUST be good.

One might think, ‘What leads a person to this mindset?’ The answer is found in the core principal of Marxism; namely that all progress of the past was had through corrupt means, and is therefore necessarily evil. One example of corruption among a corporate entity is proof that ALL are tainted. This broad brush painting of societal shame is the crux of Marxist thought and is seen in every speech by modern Marxists politicians. Mr. Goldberg touched on this in his book;

“This assumption that the past is stupid and the present is wise too often binds the modern mind.” – (Tyranny of Cliché’s, Goldberg 12)

All of the aforementioned ‘failed’ uses of military force were opposed before and after by Marxists who all perpetuated the same mantra. The powers that be are corrupt and evil and therefore all that they do is corrupt and evil. And what is their proof that they are corrupt and evil? They are powerful and you are not. You can read their dissertations and their propaganda to the end of the world but at the end of the day their only game is that power corrupts, therefore all that are powerful are corrupt. It is a very seductive message. It even resonates with me. But the TRUTH is that all that is powerful is not necessarily evil. MANY times the powerful, especially when they exist within a constitutional republic, are in fact, good. But we are only as good as the people we elect to make these life and death decisions. None other than Cicero recognized that military victories account for naught without prudent political leadership.
 “Victories in the field, count for little if the right decisions are not taken at home.” (Cicero – Everitt 45)
This is why a prudent electorate should NEVER elect a community organizer as the most powerful man in the world.

The simple fact of life; whether you choose to believe it or not, is that ALL world problems have a military solution. When countries agree to align with America on economic policies they do so for TWO reasons: 1. It is to their advantage monetarily. And…2. They understand that to defer may have consequences down the road that are violent, i.e. lack of American protection. Military solutions. Would any nation of the world care what America thought if we had not won TWO world wars in the last century? Of course not.

Let us look at current events for clues as to whether there is a military solution to problems. The following are cases where military solutions or the lack thereof influenced current events:

·        Egyptian military seized control of the government ‘elected’ by the Muslim Brotherhood with President Obama’s approval. They did so with military force. They then allowed the adoption by referendum of one of the most freedom loving constitutions in the Middle East despite the protestations of John Kerry, Killary Klinton and Barak Obama.

·        Barak Obama refused to enter into a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq specifically to deny President George W. Bush any claim to victory in Iraq. This LACK of force allowed the radical Islamist ISIS, who were armed by America, to take over large portions of Iraq and Syria, MILITARILY by the way. ISIS, is seems, agrees with me that there is a military solution. They are currently murdering thousands in the manner of the Nazi holocaust with little or no attention paid by the world press.

·        Libya, after Barak Obama ‘led from behind’ has devolved into a chaotic tribal war. The Islamists there, apparently believing that there is a military solution, have used force to not only kill an American Ambassador, but to control large swaths of that once quiet, though despotic country. Apparently, military solutions are the norm there.

·        Since the 50’s, North Korea has implemented a military solution to oppress millions of Koreans, starve millions, develop nuclear capabilities, threaten their peaceful, democratic Southern neighbor and run roughshod over multiple American administrations. Clearly, a military solution has worked quite well for them. The LACK of a Western military solution will eventually result in massive death unknown at this time.

·        Iran, who sacked an American Embassy, took hostages and killed Americans have benefitted greatly from a LACK of military response and now sit atop the world in the position of a threat to the Western world. They continue to develop nuclear capabilities while a vacillating West navel gazes and assumes that there is no military solution. The death toll of this miscalculation is yet to be determined, but is already in the tens of thousands. The price to be paid by our Jewish brothers has already been partially borne, but is certainly soon to be raised exponentially. Obviously, Iran believes that there IS a military solution.

·        Locally; Recently the Bureau of Land Management believed that there was a military solution to a pesky rancher who didn’t go along with their tyrannical take-over of property rights. They sent an army of well-armed federal thugs to steal his cattle and destroy his property. Lucky for us, an also well-armed militia of Patriotic Americans believed that a military solution was available and showed up forthwith to oppose said tyranny with violence akind. BLM backed down when faced with the fact that a military solution also included a plethora of death and injury on THEIR side of the equation. Amazing how a military solution is at hand when We The People institute same.

·        When Vladimir Putin decided that he wanted to re-take the Crimea peninsula, he opted for a military solution. Barak Obama, one of the proponents of the ideal that there are no military solutions to problems of these sorts, protested vociferously. Who won? Was there in fact, a military solution? If the Crimea is to ever be lifted from Russian rule, will it be military in nature?

·        The Taliban of Afghanistan was decimated by American forces during the initial years of the Afghan War. The leaders of the Taliban always argued that eventually America’s will to fight would subside, and at that time they would be back in power and all that sided with America would pay for their allegiance. Clearly, they believed that there was a military solution. They have been very patient. Recently, they killed a two star general. They know that Obama will abandon Afghanistan very soon. What follows…will be a military solution; and it will be very horrible, violent and costly for all that cooperated with America. Obama’s lack of belief in a military solution will be borne in blood.

The concept that there is no military solution is proffered by those who have not the will to defeat evil. Evil…has the will to defeat good. In the end, evil wins over those who vacillate in the face of violence. On that Glorious day when evil will be defeated forever, will be the day that Christ returns. For those of you that don’t believe in that day, evil will forever win; for kindness, in and of itself will never understand nor defeat evil. Sadly, it requires a military solution. One borne of Peace, or one borne of Evil. It is the choice of Mankind. None know the cost of war more than those who have waged it personally. ALL OF THOSE will attest; the ONLY thing worse than war, is one waged for naught. If we must fight, fight to win. Fight to win, quickly. Devastate the enemy forthwith.

At the end of the day, a military solution, righteous in nature, SAVES LIVES. Projected weakness KILLS. Marxists kill people, over and over again throughout history. Please don’t participate in Marxist Homicide.


by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. Right on! I can't believe the voters in this country would elect the likes of Clinton, Obama, and others over and over - nah! We are all seemingly stupid voters, uneducated in what we vote for, and suffer from generations of people who never served this great nation in any form. Therefore they have no ownership and could care less so long as the good old government serves their greedy needs.
    Sorry ranting again! I offered to rejoin the Army. The recruiter smiled and asked - Just how old are you? 71 I replied. He laughed me out of the office. I can still serve given the chance. How many of us would "rather be red than dead"? Having said that, very few remember the 60's Viet Nam War.
    I have no idea how this rant fits the article but i struck the match - now let's watch it burn!
    One Patriot to another...

    1. Sorry I missed this comment. I have just reposted this article and wanted to say thanks for reading! May God Bless you for your service. Let's hope SOMEONE can learn the hard lessons of history around here!


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