May 26, 2014

Random Knowledge

Every day greets more tyranny from the Marxists/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats/Communists/Fascists or whatever name you wish to apply today. It is difficult to pick on which issue one wants to enlighten the good people of America.

Perhaps I'll just rant: 

  • Restoring our republic is simple: Take away 2nd amendment rights for bureaucrats, politicians and their security personnel
  • If you think government can solve your problems; you don't think
  • Marriage is defined by History & Churches not government; People attend Church of choice. We're done here...
  • Would you kill 2% of good tissue to eradicate 100% of cancer? Good, vote for the other guy
  • Primaries are where you clean out the closet; General election is where you clean out the gutter
  • A smart weakling can win a fight; a Coward never will
  • A truthful Man never fears the light
  • Waiting for reinforcements to fight is like waiting till your hit to block a punch
  • Using your right foot to stomp your left foot still makes you limp
  • We are all racists to some extent; except me, Cracka
  • What will gold buy you when society collapses? Hoard liquor instead
  • Education without common sense, is like talent without effort
  • It's not a lie, if the Presstitutes believe it
  • Knowledge of ANY kind comes not from the teacher or book, but your ability to discern truth
  • Amount of truth that is intellect: 100%. Amount that is emotion: 0%. Yet most people live their lives with E over I
  • The cover-up is worse than the crime...only in politics
  • the way...NO IT ISN'T!! Tyranny is worse than lying about tyranny
  • Politicians used to obfuscate and skirt the truth; now they flat out lie to your face. Thank President William Jefferson Clinton personally for this if he's not getting a 'Lewinski' from under the Oval Office desk while ordering troops to the Balkans...with all due respect
  • Killary Klintons only real claim of accomplishment is successfully portraying her husbands harem as trailer trash ( a REAL 'War on Assaulted Women'). Put some ice on that Dear...
  • Words will NEVER turn the heart of a useful Idiot; experience alone accomplishes the task
  • Originally, being a zealot was good (Jew who opposed Roman rule)
  • There is no Right or Left; only the Line of Liberty 
  • Just as a picked fruit will ripen on the sill; so will an admonished child grow in loving discipline
  • If you stand on a corner handing out $100 bills, a line will form. If you stand there long enough, someone will ask, "Is this all I get?"
  • Mother Teresa was a clump of cells
  • 300 Nigerian prepubescent girls being kidnapped by non-designated terrorists in Africa will never get the press of 1 white girl gone missing in middle America as long as Liberals control the press
  • Objecting to policies which exponentially hurt Black Americans worse than anyone, is RACIST in the world of Presstitute Propaganda
  • Exactly how does a pathological liar become the enamored icon of half of the freest country in the world?
  • Answer: It matters not what you do to a Liberal; it only matters that you care. PLEASE love me. No one else does...
  • Destroy the family and you destroy the resistance to Central Planning. Marxism 101
  • What is it about Judeo/Christian values upsets Liberals so much? One phrase: Personal Responsibility, they hate that
  • Why do Liberals hate Protestants more than Catholics? Because Catholics are collectivists, Protestants are individualists. Study. Test tomorrow
  • What is tougher than a Marine on a mission to take out a bad dude? Only God Himself...but He's busy so he sends us
  • Yes, the Navy and the Air Force are cool too...when you need transportation
  • The Founders did NOT believe in passing wealth down. They feared the Gentry
  • Are the Arkansas Razorbacks the best team in the nation? No. But they have the best fans. Except, perhaps, the NY Jets; I mean who could keep rooting for them but the most ardent of fans? I digress...
  • What are the odds that you will vote for an incumbent? 93% just because you are reading this. Otherwise it would be 98%. Aren't you proud?
  • Your grandchildren's' Liberty is directly related to your propensity to vote for known anti-constitutionalists
  • Do you want your progeny to spit on your grave? No. Will you vote to prevent same? No.
  • For those dedicated enough to make it here: How do we turn this around? Conscience. You KNOW what is right and who is right. NEVER waste a vote on a self-interested politician; not one. Not ever. The lesser of evils is still evil.

A Chinese proverb once stated: "May you live in 'interesting' times". It was meant as a curse. We live in interesting times. How we, as a nation respond to these times, will set the course of history for decades to come. What will YOUR legacy be? One who fights for Liberty? who succumbs to Tyranny? 


"What did YOU do during the War Against Marxism Grandpa?"



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