April 26, 2014

Cowards Begging For Race-ceptance


                    Racist = A person who believes one Man is a lesser creature of God than another based solely on their race.
                    Presstitutes = People who call themselves journalists; but only spew propaganda for the Marxist politicians otherwise known as 'Liberal' or 'Progressive' while being intolerant and regressive.
                    (Presstitutes def. of) Racist = Anyone, but especially Southerners or Westerners, who disagree with and embarrass Marxists politicians by pointing out the oppression and tyranny of their political Ideology.

After Cliven Bundy embarrassed the Obama administration by exposing the over-reach and abuse of power of the federal government, he had to be destroyed. So the loyal Presstitutes set out to goad Cliven Bundy into making comments on camera. I'm not saying they knew what he would say, I'm only saying that they wanted to get him to talk long enough to say something they could use against him. They live for this stuff. So the NYT's writes a piece, edits his comments and edits the video to give Mr. Bundy's comments the worst impact possible.

How many times have you seen this play out in the American Press? If you are debating an issue, and you know that your take will not be popular with the people at large or that your argument is specious; the oldest trick in the book is to attack the messenger. Does that change the issue at all? Of course not. Cliven Bundy could be Adolph Hitler or Mao Tse Tung or Josef Stalin or any other Marxist/Progressive/Liberal that you care to name and it doesn't change the Bundy Ranch issue one iota. So why is it that EVERY time this strategy is used by the press, the Grand Ole Party turns tail and runs like a rat from the light? There are no leaders in the GOP anymore. They are the most spineless, cowardly lions our nation could possibly put forth in positions of leadership.

How should a real leader respond when given the entire context of Cliven Bundy's comments of April 2014? First, any conservative of average intelligence would immediately point out that the issue surrounding the Bundy Ranch stand-off had nothing to do with Cliven Bundy's attitude on race in America. That the issue was an all-powerful expansive central government unconstitutionally stealing large swaths of land within Sovereign States and using oppressive and contra-constitutional agencies to ruin people for the purpose of control and power that is then used for the personal gain of politicians such as Dirty Harry Reid; sadly a Senator from Nevada. That tyranny against an unsavory citizen is just as vile as tyranny against our most Sainted nun. That the Party that has destroyed Black families, murdered millions of Black babies, demeaned and marginalized Black youth and constantly pushed the narrative that Blacks can't learn, can't excel, can't speak English and can't compete in a Free-Market system for no other reason than that they are Black; has a lot of nerve to be speaking of Racism in the first place....I could go on all day. So why can't they?

The answer is simple if tragic: Because they are not Conservatives, they are not Patriots, they are not even real Americans. They are politicians and NOTHING more. There is no soul more shallow than that of a politician. They will cajole, connive, conflict, conflate, conspire and control at all times in every second of their public lives. They live in the constant fear of the 3-second sound bite that will end their careers; not because it should, but because they don't have the intelligence, the nerve or the conviction to respond to criticism forcefully and virtuously.

I condemn Rand Paul. I condemn Glenn Beck. I condemn Sean Hannity and all GOP politicians who ran to microphones to condemn Cliven Bundy's 'statements on race'. They are tools for Marxists to destroy the messenger and thereby destroy a movement that just, for the first time in my lifetime, stood up to the government en masse and were prepared to die in the cause. These idiots played right into the hands of the Socialist oppressors of America and deserve your contempt for it. When you get punched in the nose, the proper reaction is a quick and decisive flurry of punches to the gut and the face. All but an utter coward knows that. All who publicly commented on Mr. Bundy's statement rather than immediately counter-punch by attacking Liberal policies that oppress Black and White alike are spineless, clueless or both.

And let me for one brief moment take the opportunity to give a little rare praise for my Governor Rick Perry, who when asked did NOT take the bait and immediately turned the conversation towards a similar issue with the tyrannical Bureau of Land Management in Texas.

Is Cliven Bundy a racist? I don't know and I don't care.
Is the federal government over-run with Central Planners, steeped in Marxist Ideology, stealing the private property rights of individuals to perpetuate their Utopian view of a world where all are equally oppressed? Absolutely. And to a near point of no return.

We better start fighting folks. Like Cliven Bundy. Regardless of his views on race. He stood against a government leviathan and was willing to die for it. What has YOUR representative done lately besides tuck their tail under their privates and run away screaming like a coward?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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