August 12, 2014

O'Blood On Our Hands


I am a partisan to some degree; not to a Party but to the ideal of Liberty. But I am a fair man. I will not wrongly accuse someone without substantial proof, whether such is physical evidence obvious to anyone, or forensic analysis based on a lifetime of observation. There are no ‘smoking guns’ in high profile politics anymore. One must rely on nuanced information coupled with common sense and gut instinct developed through decades of studying one's foe; in this case Liberals/Marxists/Progressives/Communists/Democrats. It is in this vein, and with very, very somber syllogism that I make the following charge:
Barak Hussein Obama is personally responsible for thousands of deaths already horrifically carried out, and tens of thousands if not more yet to be seen.
C’mon Keith! How can you make such a serious charge? Now you sound like the traitorous Democrats who said George W. Bush lied to get us into the Iraq War, just so his buddy Cheney could make money with the Halliburton corporation.  Well, I take that very seriously and the fatal flaw of course is there is proof that those charges are completely specious.

1.     All major countries' political classes and their intelligence agencies at the time of the Iraq War build-up agreed that Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Wrong as they ‘may’ have been; all agreed.

2.     Cheney was divested from Halliburton, already rich and not one shred of evidence has ever been produced that he gained monetarily from the Iraq War; and believe me, an entire world of Presstitutes are out to prove just that.

3.     Bush waited months, lobbied the U.N., got several resolutions passed; all of which gave Sadaam Hussein a way out if he would agree to give up his weapons; PLUS he got a truly bi-partisan vote in the U.S. Congress where no fewer than 81 House Democrats voted YES and 29 Democrat Senators voted YES (before they were against it).

This is not the record of a man who lied to get us into war. This is the record of a man who had the courage of his convictions. That doesn’t mean he was right. It just means he was honest.
Now…let us compare that with the legacy of Barak Hussein Obama. Do I even need to list his latest lies? ‘If you like your insurance…’ ‘Not a smidgeon of corruption at the IRS…’ ‘Jobs are being created…’ ‘The border is secure…’ ‘Psst. Tell Vlad, I can be more flexible after the election.’ It goes on and on every single day. The man is a pathological liar that makes Bill Clinton look like the mythical cherry tree hacker.
So; in that context we have to analyze; what happened in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq? In Egypt Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood. He did so even as the people of Egypt rejected them. Many protestors in Egypt personally blamed Obama for the Mohamed Morsi government’s rise and subsequent tyrannical suppression of the People. Obama entertained Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the White House who had to have waivers from the Department of Homeland Security to even allow them in the country, for crying out loud! He continued this support and even threatened the Egyptian military after the people arose and demanded change from these Islamist Fascists; Obama’s friends. These actions gave aid and comfort to Islamists around the world. In today’s wired society, news of Obama’s affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood went viral within days. In the intervening time while Obama was supporting a terrorist leader of Egypt, Christians around that country were being murdered, churches were being burned and in a few cases Christians were crucified. Obama said nothing. The Islamist Fascists of the world most certainly took note.
In Libya, Obama ‘led from behind’ and murdered (funny isn’t it?) the President of Libya, Muhhamar Qaddafi. No love loss, yet he was giving up his nuclear ambitions after seeing what President Bush did in Iraq. True to his Marxist Ideology of hating military intervention, Obama then left the country to the wolves. As the animals stalked their prey our Ambassador and his faithful group of well-meaning Americans begged for more security only to be denied at every point. After all, admitting that the situation in Libya was perilous would reveal the lack of foresight of a feckless foreign policy. As the inevitable attack took place, NO ASSISTANCE was provided or even planned for. These brave American were simply LEFT TO DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. It is the only time in my recollection that Americans were left to die while the CIC slept and prepared for a day of fund-raising. The aftermath consisted of nothing but Obama covering up the details to secure a re-election. His campaign was more important than dead Americans.
I have to be careful here. There are many intriguing reports that what may have caused the secrecy in Libya was the administration’s back-door attempt to arm the Syrian rebels with caches from Libya. I have no proof of that. What we know is that Obama has attempted to walk a fine line. Obama's 'Red Line' to Assad passed unnoticed as chemical weapons were used. (Weak Horse) While not overtly arming the Syrian opposition, he has lobbied Congress for same. Nevertheless, large amounts of American arms have ended up in the hands of Islamists, who also claim to be rebels opposing Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.  We also know that when ISIS (Islamic State in Satans service or something like that) rolled into Iraq, they did so in brand new Toyota Pick-Ups with the latest in armament options.

These Islamists are coming straight from Syria, where they have theoretically been fighting against Assad. I’ll leave it to you to decide. Where do you think they got all of the money to buy all of these trucks and armaments? Again, I have no proof. But I know who was backing them in Syria. I know who has given them aid and comfort at many different waypoints. I know who told them that America would NOT commit troops to defend Iraq. I know who cynically refused to keep troops in Iraq that would have avoided this very outcome. I know who claimed that he had no leverage in dealing with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the Status of Forces agreement despite OUR/YOUR money going there (1.27 Billion Dollars  Foreign Assistance $$ AFTER the lack of agreement. Twice the $$ of the year before.) That looks like leverage to me! I know who turned his head as Christians were slaughtered in Egypt. I know who ignored Christians being persecuted in Iraq previously. I know who STILL blames George Bush for what is happening under his watch. I know who ONLY came to the table when holocaust type images began showing up on the internet. I know which side, said person took in the Israeli/Hamas skirmish. I know who funded the terrorist tunnels built into Israel. I know who tried to give aid and comfort to the terrorists attacking Israel. I know who refuses to say the word terrorist. I know who eloquently recalls the Muslim call to prayer while ignoring 2000 year old Christian traditions being erased. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE OF VARIOUS RELIGIONS WERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST BEFORE ISLAM INVADED AND FORCED THEM TO CONVERT OR DIE. Barak Obama continues this occupation shamelessly.
It goes on and on and on. This president, has intentionally caused the greatest loss of life for the ‘good guys’ i.e. peace loving Christians, Jews and Arabs the world over since WWII. And he has done it all in the name of Socialism, Marxism, Collectivism, Communism whatever ‘ism you want to attach. He has done so because of his childish and petulant belief that American greatness was achieved by ill-gotten means. This blinding desire to give America a come-uppance has led to spilled blood across the planet.
He whimpers and whines; PEOPLE DIE.
70 million American people put this man into office. This blood is on their hands as well. Stop your belly-aching about ‘you didn’t know’. I KNEW he was a Marxist Black Liberationist in 2007 why didn’t you! A POX ON YOUR HOUSE FOR VOTING FOR THIS MAN!
I spoke in a previous article of the dangerous results of a lack of a Military Response which you can read HERE if you have not already. All good people of the world need to step back, take a breath and analyze what has happened under President Barak Hussein Obama’s administration as well as many European administrations for decades. A lack of presence by the West has produced an emboldened push by the evil people of the world. If you don’t believe in evil, just watch this (Caution: Graphic). I hate cliché’s but it is truth, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.” Barak Obama’s hate of American exceptionalism is directly responsible for the rise and success of ISIS in Iraq and the subsequent deaths of untold numbers of innocent people who just wanted to go about their daily lives. He then blames it on others like a school child caught with a stolen lunch. He is a despicable man worthy of naught but your contempt. Impeachment is too good for him. He should be hanged as a traitor…rhetorically speaking of course. [Sidenote: Is Obama at fault for ALL world problems? Of course not, but as POTUS he is Constitutionally responsible for almost ALL foreign policy and he is Commander In Chief of the Military…so YEAH! Dipstick…geesh. I’m tired of ‘splaining myself.]

People, you MUST understand, I am a peaceful, loving, God-fearing man who only wants the best for all of the people of the world. ALL of them, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. But We The People of this Earth cannot continue to deny that evil exists; it knows no bounds; it responds only to force; and it must be CONTINUALLY defeated. No better friend; no worst enemy. If that is not the message of America; then millions will die…again. If you truly believe in peace; support MASSIVE military strength by the only real Liberty-loving nation on EARTH. THE UNITED STATES OF BY GOD AMERICA!!!
For those of you predisposed to be diplomatic in your hopeless attempt to assuage mind-numbed useful idiots to come over to your way of thinking; I sincerely apologize. This article will be useless to you. To those who are sick and tired of America being trashed and blamed for all of the ills of the world when all empirical evidence points to the opposite; and who only want to pass to their children a modicum of the freedom and Liberty that we have enjoyed, THIS IS FOR YOU!! Now go out there and destroy a Liberal for being the cowardly, obsequious purveyor of evil that they are!

Soliloquy is the last bastion of the disillusioned Patriot.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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