September 29, 2014

Seppuku by Marx


One can scarcely get through a day without at least a subliminal message from a nugatory scholar whose bookshelf altar is adorned with the intellectual garbage of Crowley, Keynes, Darwin, Nietzsche and Marx. And Nietzsche is always cherry-picked for his fatalism and insufficient grip on individualism. Every day is another installment on the Marxist plan for unattainable Utopia, suffered by the ever-present class struggle pitting neighbor against neighbor for the all righteous equality that denies the very existence of Man as a unique and special being. We are inundated with clich├ęd phrases such as ‘Social Justice’, ‘Livable Wage’, ‘War on (insert victim here)’, ‘Racial Tolerance’, ‘Civil Right to (insert personal failure here)’, ‘Multi-Culturalism’ or any other Progressive grievance du jour. This daily bombardment of victimology exists exclusively for the purpose of destroying individual Liberty. A truly educated, virtuous and reasonable individual will never relinquish Liberty freely. Thus it must be inculcated into the sponge that is the unsophisticated mind. America has allowed the virus of Marxism to infect the very foundation of Liberty; academia.

So, Keith; Why do you always revert to destruction of Marxist Ideology as the linchpin of Liberty? Simple. Marxism has driven the destruction of individual rights, property and free-market economics for the last 100+ years. If one believes in a progressive tax code then one believes in Marxism (it is a bedrock Marxist Ideal). If one allows the destruction of private property rights, one agrees with Karl Marx that wealth must be distributed according to need not according to merit. If one believes that a central, powerful government should alleviate the pain of poor life choices one ignores the power of consequence to change behavior. This is the crux of Marxist Ideology; by attempting to assist the incapable we destroy the only avenue for their redemption. Liberty, coupled with a free-market economy is the most efficient means for one to excel beyond their class at birth. Marxism destroys the very opportunity to rise above one's societal inception.

We now live in an American society that is committing Seppuku by Marx; devilishly manipulated by the very people who prosper by same; it’s vocal proponents. You see the true vileness of Marxism is that its tenets allow only the Bourgeoisie to prosper. Documentarians create a plethora of films decrying capitalism as they reap huge profits from these very cheaply produced films. Politicians attend seminars for minimum wage in their Leer jets and limousines. Climate change advocates relax in their castles spewing insultingly unscientific dogma while sipping Cognac and smoking fine cigars. All unnoticed by the Twitter-protest generation texting on their iPhones about corporate greed and worshipping Gaia while they defecate and urinate in the street and throw down their plastic water bottles. And the irony is lost on each and every one. Why? Because they have never been taught how to think; they have only been told what to think.

The insidious nature of Marxism comes from its use of emotion to overcome intellect. When one fails to support an argument with fact or reason they often rely on frivolous emotional attack to dissuade intellectual inquiry. In fact to the Man with common sense this is a very useful red flag. Certainly, some truth is emotional, i.e. the Love of God, however it is the anomaly not the rule. Marxism plays on the oldest of emotional defects, the 7 Deadly Sins; Greed, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Anger and Vanity. Every one of these sins is a tool used by Marxists to further their destruction of the Individual. Of course, these are described in the Bible which accounts for the foremost of Marxism’s goals; the destruction of religious virtue. Thus is the hideous nature of churches adopting the mores of Social Justice and Collectivism in the name of the Christ who died a horrible death for individual salvation.

What pray tell, is the hope of a nation so thoroughly indoctrinated into the Ideology of Hate and Jealousy? First and foremost is self-education. Have you studied John Locke? Have you studied Edmund Burke? Have you studied Adam Smith? Have you studied Alexis de Tocqueville? Have you studied the Federalist Papers? Have you studied the anti-Federalist Papers? Have you studied your Bible? Yes, I said studied, not read. This Liberty $&!# is hard, Keith! Yes it is and it always will be. Supplication is always the easy route, but the road less traveled is adorned with undergrowth, but blessed by discovery!

The number 1 piece of advice I can give you is this. Talk Dammit! We are raised in a world that chastised us not to talk about religion or politics when there are NO GREATER subjects to discuss among our fellow Man than these. NONE will impact you and your progeny more than the state of religion and politics in your immediate vicinity. Refusing to talk about religion or the lack thereof (Islam is NOT a religion, it is Fascism); results in beheadings in Oklahoma, USA. The failure to talk about politics allows a serial rapist to become President of the United States of America, assault a girl his daughter’s age in the Oval Office, and become an icon for Liberalism worldwide. NOT talking about politics allows 2 Party’s to BOTH steal the People’s Liberty while raiding the People’s Treasury and playing both ends against the middle in election after election. You MUST vote for us or else! No…I don’t have to vote for either of you. Your vote is the only tool you have short of the 2nd Amendment to defeat Tyranny. Please treat it accordingly.

I will end today’s diatribe with an example: The current GOP will tell you that we must vote for them so they can take back the Senate in 2014 and ‘hold Obama accountable’. Yet they have done little or nothing to do so. They have fought the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party tooth and nail. They have funded EVERY Obama initiative through Congressional gimmicks like base-line budgeting, Continuing Resolutions and Debt Ceiling increases. They have completely embraced identity politics rather than differentiate themselves from the Marxists via ‘Immigration Reform’. They have ignored the U.S. Constitution at almost every turn. They claim we must vote GOP for the sake of the almighty Supreme Court; supposedly so we can have more judges like Chief John Roberts who gave us Obamacare! Let me propose a thinking Man’s solution

The Senate is not that important as long as Barak Hussein Obama is President. He will not sign a single conservative bill. They (GOP) will not stop any appointments; they approved Attorney General Eric Holder, Killary Klinton and John Kerry with praise! They will not undermine the Federal Leviathan; they have in fact expanded same with Homeland Security, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D and funding and support of ALL unconstitutional domestic spying. The most egregious is the GOP’s attack on all conservatives. My Senator John Cornyn while head of the National Senate Re-elect Committee, diverted funds away from any T.E.A. party affiliated candidate in lieu of establishment ‘RINO’ candidates. I will NEVER forgive him for it, nor will I ever vote for him again. My honor is more important than his cushy Senate seat.

Therefore, the LOGICAL option is to vote for conservatives and Libertarians only; allow the GOP to lose the Senate, and hope that it serves to teach them to be a truly SECOND party for the upcoming 2016 elections for both Congress and President. If they suffer no pain for attacking God-fearing Americans in the T.E.A. party movement, then they have ZERO incentive to stop. It’s your call America. Want the same ol’ Tyranny? OR, do you want to return America to a constitutional republic as she was founded?

And just an aside for the mal-educated ‘Occupying’ our national dialogue: Get a job, work harder than the one next to you, praise God for being born in the Land of the Free and learn to know who your enemy really is; over-bearing government, the largest corporation in the world who steal your Liberty while lining their own pockets and protecting the corporate whores while making it difficult for you to open and run your own business through regulation. THIS and nothing less will save this once great nation.

P.S. ‘Seppuku’ is an intentional use rather than ‘suicide’. Seppuku is a ritual suicide of the Samurai tradition that was offered as an apology for failure, dishonor or disloyalty. It is my contention that many who are engaged in this destruction of America do so out of an erroneous and planted guilt for simply being American. They lay themselves on the altar of Marxism to redeem themselves amongst their peers. Such is the power of needing to be loved. (coincides with the destruction of the family unit BTW). When one does not believe in the pure Lve of God, one becomes desperate to receive it from the ‘tribe’. May God fill their hearts with true Love and Compassion, which manifests itself in lifting the human spirit to attain our innate potential through hard work and vigilance.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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