May 9, 2010

It's Bizzaro World!

Do you ever just stare at the television or the radio and think, "What planet is this?!?" It is just amazing at how insane our world is becoming. And what is more frustrating than ever is the fact that so large a percentage of the population seem to take it in stride and simply lament, 'That's just the way it is these days.' No, that's not just the way it is. That's the way you make it. Either with your actions or inaction, our world is what you have made it.
This week in CA teens were told that wearing an American flag was unacceptable and reason for suspension. This was during Cinco de Mayo, an obscure Mexican holiday that has been turned into a rallying cry for illegal immigration in this country. The boys were told that the flags would be insensitive to their Mexican brethren. Of course being insensitive to American citizens was perfectly okay with these school officials.
In my home state this week a 3rd grader was suspended for having a jolly rancher. Yes, a jolly rancher candy. 5 days suspension. I can't even comment on this stupidity.
A terrorist parks his truck in Times Square and tries to set off the bomb he's made and fortunately it fails to explode. Government officials trip all over themselves to get on the air waves and tell us that this was a huge law enforcement success! Success? You have got to be kidding me. Only the cruel prankster happenstance avoided a terrible disaster with possible loss of life. And yet, straight faced they stand there and praise themselves for a job well done. Who can do this? The answer may surprise you.
The temperature is rising, well it was and now it's going down, but it WAS! And it's not because of the sun, no, no. It's because of cow flatulation! And you breathing that evil gas CO2 which of course plants use to grow and produce oxygen, but we digress. Stick to the point. We're all gonna die if we don't let an elite few tell us how to live while they live high on the hog.
These are just a few examples. I could list them all day actually. You know them, you see them come across your screen every night or your radio every day. How can this continue without these people being laughed off of the stage and banished to handing out conspiracy fliers on the street corner? It is all they are qualified for. And yet, they hold positions of great authority and power all over this once great nation.
As with all human interaction the answers are complicated. However, there seems to be the capacity in the human psyche to completely ignore empirical evidence and common sense not to mention cold hard facts, when confronted with someone who...cares. This phenomenon can take on many faces. Adolph Hitler wreaked havoc worldwide while telling the German people that he only wanted to help them to take their rightful place in history. His initial forays into the public sphere was merely to help the economy, help everyday Germans to get a job, because he cared for his people. They ignored what he was doing, and listened to what he said. Numerous cult leaders have led a group of people to their ultimate demise all the while telling them that they only wanted to protect them, because they loved them.
The entire American political system has become an emotional food fight vying for the title of who cares the most for you the voter. All the while every single reasonable person knows deep inside that there is not a single one of them that cares for you more than they care for their own career and paycheck. And yet, we vote them back in again and again. As of this writing only one incumbent has been defeated in a primary and the talking heads are already calling it 'toxic' politics. You see how they work. You exercise your right to vote for who you see fit and they use emotion to tear you down and make you feel bad, because facts cannot get in the way of power and control.
Wake up my friends. Recognize plays on emotion when you see them. Reject defenders of the status quo. Consistently take away power from those who seek it. Never, Ever believe what they say, only believe what they do. Chastise, ridicule and banish all who abandon common sense. The founders of this country told us many years ago that human nature is flawed and no one is to be trusted. History tells us daily that we ignore this fact to our own peril and the peril of millions of innocent bystanders. The stakes are high. Charismatic charlatans have long taken advantage of this flaw in our character. Recognize; or kiss the boot on your throat.

Update: The Islamic Republic of Iran, where stoning of 'immodest' women is codified, has been named to the Commission on the Status of Women by the United Nations. Insanity or stupidity?! You decide.

by: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. A simple rule of thumb to follow in this matter. Anyone who seeks political office has a irreversible character flaw.

  2. This is unfortunately true. However, we have made them this way. My ever living mantra is that we have the power to correct this behavior. If all politicians who lied and obfuscated and voted for unconstitutional bills were immediately thrown out at the next primary, we would not have these type of people running. Americans must decide if they want to be educated, sophisticated and enlightened, or merely sheep to be tended.