May 13, 2010

Are Liberals Blind?

Why do you never hear a liberal complain about a dictator? Oh they'll rant all night long about a conservative American like Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin, but can you recall the time that a liberal ranted about how Kim Jong Il is a liar? When was the last time a liberal was beside himself because Hugo Chavez took over the national press in his country? And of course there are many examples of liberals impugning the character of Ahmadenijad right? Surely. Of course there must be....hang on, I'm looking, it has to be in here somewhere.
No, my friends, I'm sorry. You won't find it. You see they are simply too busy degrading the American soldier, without whom they would be the first to be strung up from the lamp post. And of course there are those pesky capitalist who actually gave them their jobs, provided their house and supplied the vehicle they drive to get to the job so that they could turn around and excoriate the capitalist who made this all possible. It's confusing isn't it? Well not really, not if you realize what liberals are.
Liberals are intellectually lazy. They have little self esteem. They have no sense of worth. They are begging to be loved. They are emotional to the exclusion of all reason. So what makes them accept all of this stupidity? Each other. That's it. I know it sounds over simplified but that is it my friends. They exist to support each other. To love each other. To prop each other up and confirm their emotional connection to a dream of a utopia that does not and will not exist. Because of their total lack of confidence in their own importance in this world based on their own abilities and character, they must find importance elsewhere, amongst themselves, in an ideology that legitimizes their fear of failure. It's not their fault. It's the evil successful people that are to blame. And I don't mean successful in monetary form, there are plenty of rich liberals. I mean successfull in life's most important aspect, satisfaction with oneself, peacefulness of soul. Something they never achieve, because ultimately it is a lack of faith.
Desperation is what can make an otherwise intelligent being accept lunacy as fact. For most there is no hope. It is indeed a mental disorder. A lucky few will have an epiphany and snap out of it, but most are doomed to the mediocrity of self doubt. That is why they hate us so much as well. Jealously is the purest form of hatred.

By: Keith D. Rodebush


  1. Absolute worst piece of conflated conjecture ever. Why don't liberals complain about Kin Jong Il? Because we already know he's evil and if you are suggesting that we think otherwise, you've certainly jumped the intellectual shark and are swimming in your own self-congratulatory cess pool of your own idotic idealogical bullshit. You sir are a buffoon.

  2. Typical by being 'Anonymous'.
    Typical by being emotional.
    Typical by name calling.
    Obviously public schooled.
    And why, sir would I not assume such about liberals? They are seen every day getting their picture taken with Chavez or Castro or whoever the dictator du jour is. I don't blame you for not liking the piece, that's a tough mirror to look into. As far as the merit of it, I stand by it all. You have only helped me make the point brilliantly with your intellectual laziness. However, in the future, if want to participate in discussion here, be civil or go somewhere else and spew your tripe.

  3. Michael GriffithsMay 16, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    Hahahaha!!! You lose every bit of credibility you may have had when you resort to personal insult instead of facts to debate. It makes you look desperate and inept.