May 19, 2010

The Call...

When a people are found to be so prosperous & blessed, that they are reticent to defend so basic a right as their own liberty; it is the duty of a few patriots amongst them to seize the banner of freedom and lead a renewed charge against the tyranny of vermin who hold power over the people under the pretense of provision.
That such tyranny eventually bankrupts a nation both morally and economically is a historical certainty. The evil of this tyranny is visited not only on the contemporary masses, but on untold millions of future victims that may never taste the sweet nectar of liberty.
Apathy at the cost of the Republic is poison to a free thinking society and fertile ground for despotism. Therefore, solemn honor and duty compel all liberty loving people to use all means necessary in returning power to the people and restoring governments limited role of protecting the peoples lives, liberty and property...exclusively.
Failure to do so is an afront to all that is worthy and Righteous in the soul of Man.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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