June 3, 2010

The Founders Depended On Us.

I contend that the most important public activity in the history of Man has also been the most ignored. It is the United States primary process. How tiring to hear the pseudo intelligencia spew their drivel about the inadequacies of the Founding Fathers. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Samuel Adams et al, (in no specific order) were millenia ahead of their time and had more collective knowledge in my opinion than 80% of the college professors amongst us today. Okay, it's really 97% but I was trying to be kind as Jesus charges me to be. Nevertheless, they knew that we would go through exactly what we are experiencing today. Now, I'm not going to drone on with a bunch of quotes to impress you with my breadth of knowledge. I prefer to leave that to you, the reader. I hope that what I write will inspire you to engage in a modicum of research to see just exactly what the truth about these men and women really is. Yes, I said women. Abigail Adams is as much a Founding Father as any of the aforementioned males. If you don't know this, then indeed, research is prudent. Alas, I have strayed from the main point of this post. The Founding Fathers were consumed with the ideal of chaining government and protecting personal liberty. The structure of our government is not happenstance. It is a meticulously crafted system in which no tyrant can long survive. I could go on for hours on the nuances of this system of checks and balances but for the purpose of this writing I will concentrate on one thing only; the length of term of the House of Representatives.

To think that the Founding Fathers did not understand politics, even as it is engaged in today is at the very least naive. They understood very well the naked aggression and constant positioning required by the politic at any given time. The two year term of the House was specifically designed so that little harm could be done even by the worst tyrants imaginable. Of a two year term, it is understood that a significant aportionment would be dedicated to campaigning for re-election. While they may not have foreseen year long campaigns or even more, they certainly knew that it would be a substantial amount of the term. Now; sit back, relax, and put on your thinking cap. (Seriously, read the next slowly....) If you were designing a system of government, and your intent was for that government to be very active in the lives of the people, would you set the term of office, such that a significant portion of the time would be spent seeking re-election?

Of course not. Therefore logic and reason infers, that the opposite is true. Their intent was that government would never become integral to peoples daily lives. Now, to the patriot, this is obvious from any dispassionate reading of the Founding Fathers extensive musings on government, but many a recent historian (term used very loosely) has attempted to retard diminish the intent of our founders. So what are we to learn from this historical fact? The United States of America was founded on the principle of individual freedom and the concept that all government is force and corruption; therefore the will of the people can only be preserved by the continual overturn of legislators whose true motivation is the money and power associated with their prospective position. It's not complicated folks. They get power from their positions and they turn it into money. The only means we have to stop them is to diminish their power. We do that by making their positions short term. Understand? A person with power for two years in Washington D.C. has no real power. One with power for 20 years is a real player. Do you know a single life time politician who is not very wealthy?

Do You See Where I'm Going?

You could vote against the incumbant every time and on balance you would be better off.

Politicians have successfully convinced us that they are soley qualified to hold their positions. The truth is that anybody with a clear understanding of history and the U.S. Constitution will know how to vote on almost any bill. The truth is that complicated 2000 page bills are unnecessary and are long and complicated precisely to hide their true intent. Anyone with a little common sense would vote against any such bill and rightly so. The truth is that any decent politician today would go to Washington D.C. to repeal legislation not write more. Our laws are unnecessarily complicated. Our tax code is oppressive. Government programs are insolvent. Government work has become a national joke about lazy workers with attitudes who never miss a break. Unions have corrupted the hiring and firing process to the point that it's almost practicle to fire everyone and start all over. In our hearts the vast majority of us know this. And yet, the very people who give us this abject failure; the very people who perpetuate this corrupt, unethical and incompetent system come to us every two years and ask for our vote. And at least 95% (1) of the time we say, "Sure. Do some more damage,please!" Why? Why on earth would a people return these idiots to office over and over again? The only logical answer is that we the people as a bloc have become completely uneducated when it comes to government, it's role in our lives, and the process of diminishing power to the federal legislators.

The long term solution is educating our children on the truth of our founding and the miraculous gathering of such great minds in one place at one time, all so well read in history as to understand human nature and it's relation to governance. We must teach them that liberty is the greatest gift of the Creator and it must be protected at all costs. We must teach them that all of the truly good accomplishments by civilization to date have been done by free thinking virtuous people. We must teach them that to reach their potential they must be unfettered by government, but bound by God. In the meantime we must educate ourselves to break out of the sheep mentality that has been programmed into our subconscious minds. Most importantly, we must learn the lesson of the last century. That giving power to a centralized government is to put ourselves in chains and enslave our minds and potential with disastrous affect on future generations worldwide. All government is inherently corrupt. That is not to say that all politicians are so. It simply means that human nature is what it is. It means that with power comes the potential for corruption. The more power, the more potential. History has shown over and over that human nature will succumb to that temptation. Therefore, all logic and reason tells us that our only hope to secure our freedom and thereby this great nation, is to keep the chains on government instead of ourselves. There is a price to pay for freedom as well, but the cost is nowhere near the cost we pay for a tyrannical government.

Recent history shows us what happens when we simply vote for the other party when we are disgusted with our legislators. We foist upon the people an even greater evil. We must work within the party that more closely represents our principles and protects our liberty. We must change within. If you hire a builder with a proven technique that has been successful for hundreds of years and it turns out that he/she doesn't have the ability to build your house; does it make sense to then hire another experienced builder with a different technique that has been proven many times over to be a complete failure? Of course not. You would hire someone else with the same technique yet more ability. Work within your party.

The designers of this Constitutional Republic of the United States of America gave us the chains to put on government, the two year term of the House of Representatives. The party system enhanced this tool with the primary process. We the People, in order to preserve liberty and prosperity for future generations, are duty bound to use these tools to protect our rights at all costs. Every primary should be eagerly and vigorously engaged in by all members of the precincts in which we live to ensure that career politicians become an antiquated novelty of a past ignorant and indifferent age, giving way to a modern age of renewed enlightenment and sweet freedom.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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