June 22, 2010

The Brutal Truth...

What is so hard about telling the truth? Do you realize that the mindset of the average American is that politicians routinely lie and that is normal? Please, think about that for just a second. That's normal? Oh my God, you just answered yes! Are you insane? If you believe that then YOU are the reason the Great Experiment may end forever.

Grandpa Rodebush always taught me that a man's word was his bond. There is nothing more important. They can take your money, they can take your life; but they can never take your reputation. Only YOU can destroy that.

Please teach your children, there is nothing more important than your word. It is your character. Think about it; if you can't trust someone, are they ever really your friend? We miss these basic principles so much these days. The president of the United States of America, lies right to our face, and we shake it off like a mosquito buzzing our face.

I don't care who it is in your life, if they lie, get away. We must be able to be honest and trust one another. Then, we can disagree, we can debate, but at least we know for sure where each of us stands. If we lie, we know nothing. Ignorance Breeds Tyranny. We must know where we all stand. If you lie once, you are a liar. You cannot be trusted. I am not perfect. I fall short of the Grace of God as we all do. But I try very hard to be honest and it has cost me in my life. You see, some folks don't want to hear the truth. But I tell you my friends, the truth is always better than a lie. Can you argue otherwise? Really? Not long term. For me and mine...give us truth!!

Regardless of the niche we may place each other in; if you can't trust what they say; they are worthless. No, really. Worthless.

Don't LIE TO ME. I may disagree, but I will respect you.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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