June 26, 2010

We Must Vote Smarter

Recently in the news is the hilarious account of the Milwaukee county board debating on the proposed boycott of Arizona for being so brash as to actually enforce the law. The supervisor, yes the supervisor Peggy West, makes an astonishing statement. Her ideaology overcame her intelligence and she 'mispoke' about Arizona not bordering Mexico...yeah, okay. (here) The broohaha that has erupted over the internet hides the more disturbing truth. Her statement was to the affect that if Arizona bordered Mexico and had the kinds of problems Texas has with illegal immigrants, then she might reconsider. Well, DUH! Phoenix is overrun with drug cartel members fighting and kidnapping and wreaking havoc on that community. Border patrol agents are being killed. Ranchers are being killed. Sheriffs have lost control of large portions of their counties. A national park in Arizona has a 3-5% section closed to the public because they do not have 'control' of it and drug traffickers and human smugglers have innundated the area. It is too dangerous for an American citizen to visit a part of a National Park, paid for and maintained with that American's tax dollars, because persons from a foreign country have invaded and taken control of it through violence. And yet this idiot board supervisor; I'm sorry I know she's just spewing the talking points, but you can be an idealogue and an idiot at once; this idiot wants to boycott Arizona because they don't have real problems with illegal immigration!

My friends, we must be more vigilant in selecting our representative government. People like this need to be run out of town on a rail. That such an ignoramus could rise to such a position is an indictment of the people of that community. Get involved, do research, pay close attention to what people say and more attention to what they do. Read your history. Read philosophy. Learn that the answers to your problems lie not with your government. Liberty at all cost! Run the idiots out of town. They will find other employment. Someone has to ask me if I want an Apple Fritter with that order...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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