September 28, 2010

JT's Opening Statement; Dining With The Candidates


"These are momentous times in which we live. Our Founding Fathers set up this Grand Experiment with the full knowledge that it would be difficult to hold. Any cursory review of their letters and other writings reveals their knowledge that only a virtuous and educated public could preserve this delicate balance between Liberty and government. It is the nature of Man his self that requires government; but so it is the nature of Man his self that causes government to trend toward tyranny. Thomas Jefferson once wrote “…in questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution…” Clearly, it is the purpose of the United States Constitution to be the chains that control government and preserve the Liberty of the American people. We tend to forget that the people we elect to power are, in the end just human, and are subject to the same temptations of power and foibles of ambition as every other human being now or since. Because of that we now find ourselves at the end of a hundred year campaign to assail the pillars of Constitutional restraint. Much as some people naively believe that they are too smart for God himself, we live amongst a coterie of so-called intellectuals who believe that they are too smart for the Founding Fathers. You’ll pardon me if I disagree. One argument frequently heard, is that The Founders could not have foreseen the complexities of modern life. Well, to paraphrase John Adams, he said, '....this nation is large and will change in ways that we cannot possibly understand...' They knew the challenge before us very well. What they also knew was that tyranny always ended badly throughout history. They knew that individual Liberty, coupled with free markets would release the potential of the American people and create the greatest, most prosperous country known to Mankind. They were right.

Before us tonight we have a fine collection of patriots who are willing to take our fight to preserve this republic to the halls of government, local, state and federal. We are here tonight to look them in the eye and tell them what we expect from them. We are not here tonight to tell them to write more laws. We are here to tell them to repeal laws. And to that end let us not forget that Liberty is not free. This forum is also meant to assist them in their efforts. So I ask you, if, after hearing their promise to you the citizen, you feel that they are sincere and worthy, please do all that you can, physically and monetarily to help them take the fight to those who would enslave us with empty promises and fear.

So let us all resolve to revitalize the Republican Party. Let us raise the banner of bold colors not pale pastels. Let us make it unmistakably clear where the Republican Party stands on all of the issues and give the American people a clear choice in the political arena."

I couldn't agree more. Thanks Jon. Great job! Keith D. Rodebush

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