September 24, 2010

Pledge FROM America


America was witness to a nice little piece of political theatre recently as the Republicans rolled out their "Pledge to America" outlining the policies they will pursue should we be so kind as to return them to the halls of power in Washington D. C. I will not go through the whole pledge pointing out the good points and the areas of omission. I'll leave that to you the good people of this nation. What I intend to do is to respond to the government in general regardless of their party affiliation as that seems to have little to do with whether they believe in constitutional government. The following is my proposed "Pledge From America". I represent only myself in this text. It is up to others to decide whether they agree or disagree.

PLEDGE FROM AMERICA, the year of our Lord 2010


Resolved that we have reached a moment in history when the chains that were placed on this government by the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution, have effectively been loosed to the point of rendering them precariously close to irrelevancy.
Political and ideological judges at all levels of the bench including the Supreme Court of the United States of America have usurped their authority, broken their sacred oaths, viewed the citizenry with petulance and disdain, rendered judgements on erroneous legal grounds - personal opinion - irrelevant case law - and pure political ideology with blatant disregard to the rights, liberties and wishes of the American public.
Representatives of the people have gained public office through corrupt and deceitful means, promising the public to serve in their best interest; only to proceed on a lifelong career of despicable acts of usurping the powers of the federal government under the Constitution for the express purpose of pleasing political allies in exchange for financial and political gains. The culmination of this political prostitution was revealed in all it's naked vileness by the process that resulted in the passing of the American Health Care Act against the obvious protest of the people they claim to serve. The utter contempt for the Constitutional restraints upon these thieves was glaring. The vast majority of politicians no longer run for office to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States; rather they use it for toilet paper as they engage in moral and ethical corruption for personal gain, even voting themselves raises and Cadillac benefits while the rest of the country suffers under the very tyranny for which they claim to deserve all of this largess. Party structure, campaign finance laws, political coercion and partnership with the national media all make it inherently difficult for good people to attempt to rid ourselves of this verminous plague.
The leadership of the two parties have long engaged in a 'good ole boy' network by which establishment politicians make back room deals and undermine their own constituency to honor political deals for the purpose of maintaining control over the public; thereby ensuring more power and money to be concentrated which can then be leveraged for even more ill gotten gains for all of the players involved. While there are surface differences between the parties, recently it only amounts to whether they commit larceny or grand larceny.
This being the state of the nation that is still loved and honored by true patriotic citizens; the hard working, honest and dependable people whose talent, virtue and efforts have built this nation into the envy of the world, do hereby make the following pledge to the political class in America:

"In order to prevent the further commitment of blood and treasure required to found and defend this nation thus far, We The People of the United States of America do hereby pledge..."

That we will educate ourselves and our children on the true meaning of the Founding Documents; their authors and the plethora of writings they produced to clearly relay the meaning of those documents.
That we will participate in the political process, especially at the primary level to expel any and all pretenders to power who would use their office for personal gain or disregard the separation of powers delineated in the U.S. Constitution which they swear to protect.
That we will consolidate and distribute our resources both monetary and physical, not according to party but to individual representatives of the people who purport to honor the republican form of government this nation was intended to be.
That we will also use all means available to the people in mass to consistently shine the light of truth on all politicians who would corrupt themselves and steal the liberty of our children for their own personal gain. May the shame of the people never leave their side once their sins are revealed. May all good people refuse to consort or engage in any business with an enemy of the Constitution. No more contempt should be had for a murderer of Man, than a murderer of Liberty!
That we will punish the Democrat party in the midterm election of November, 2010 for their blatant disregard for the freedom and free market capitalism that has been responsible for all of the truly great advances of humankind for more than two centuries.
That we shall then celebrate; one day. Then, we will immediately begin to monitor and reveal to the world every single political act of every representative of the people with whom we have entrusted our most treasured possession; our Liberty.
That we will subsequently amass all of our spirit and resources to defeat any representative who fails even once to follow the Constitution of this great nation!
That we will methodically dismantle the Republican party as a viable political entity should it fail to substantially reverse the trend of the last few decades which has seen the party completely blur the lines between liberals and conservatives. The people of this country deserve a clear choice.
That we will reserve the right to bear arms for the true purpose for which it was given to us by our Founders, namely to protect the citizens of this great nation from an oppressive and tyrannical government! May God give us the strength and wisdom to bear upon our leaders with sufficient forcefullness to make it unnecessary to respond in such a barbaric manner.
"This is the pledge from the people of this country to all of the political class who claim to represent us. Take heed or suffer the whirlwind! May Providence continue to Bless the United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All."
by: Keith D. Rodebush
for: Love of country...

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