October 5, 2010

The Bank Job


Everyone loves a good bank heist movie. Whether it's Peter Falk in The Great Brinks Robbery in the '70s or Clive Owen in Inside Man in '06; you just gotta love a good bank job. Of course that's just the movies. We aren't so thrilled if our bank gets robbed. We really aren't very happy if our money is not insured and we don't get it back.
Recently, I have changed my mind about some of the current events. I began, like many, thinking that Barack Obama was a brilliant man, ambitious for sure, but smooth and intelligent. Then I began thinking that he was an idealogue, with powerful forces behind him to achieve an agenda long desired by the progressives in America; fundamental change of our country to a Socialist nation. Finally, I have come to conclude that he is really no more than a common thief. Now before we go any further let me make this very clear; I have no proof whatsoever for what I have to say here today. You should take it with a grain of salt. It is no more or no less than the ramblings of an old man based on his observations of the events that have transpired recently. Astute observations. Let's call it educated ramblings.

Let's just simply go over what we know. The financial industry was in dire straights for many years before the 'collapse' of September 2008. Any search of public records will find concerns being raised as far back as 2003. Probably even before that. The final 'collapse' happened less than two months before the election. The people who were crying wolf the loudest, threatening economic collapse, all had ties to the largest banking interests in the world. These people had connections with both parties. In other words no matter who won the election, they would get what they wanted. Next, Barack Obama was relatively unknown before the election, and though he is well known now at least to anyone who cares to see him; his history is still an enigma, as almost none of his papers or letters or writings of any sort have been released, except by himself, and then only to buttress his image that he is trying to convey. An image by the way, that is patently false by any reasonable examination of the facts at hand. Since the election, Obama has relentlessly pushed massive legislative bills, spending trillions of dollars. These bills typically are very large, 2000 pages plus. No one; seriously, no one really knows what all is contained in them in terms of what they are supposed to actually achieve and how. Public opinion has played zero interest in his decisions to date. What politician do you know who completely ignores public opinion? Even after it became obvious that pushing these bills may cost his party severe losses in the midterm elections he persisted, calmly and apparently unconcerned about the results of his agenda. Trillions more dollars have been spent by the Secretary of the Treasury who apparently cannot operate online tax software according to the instructions. The Federal Reserve has spent Trillions more behind the scenes in ways we may never know because, they refuse to be audited. That's right, they refuse. So much for that transparency thing. The people in charge? Bankers from the biggest banks in the world.

Now, I ask you. If you had colluded with the government for decades, loaning Trillions of dollars to people who obviously could never pay back the loans; and the time had come to get these toxic assets off the books or at least funded; what better way to do so than to rob yourselves (their bank and the governments bank)? You rob your bank by overstating the assets value, then claim the loss. You rob the government bank by creating a crisis for which the only solution is for the American taxpayer to give you Trillions without accounting to show where it goes. Brilliant!!

Barack Obama is nothing more than a common thief; sculking in the vault, shoveling money out the hole in the wall to the sewer escape below. Occasionally picking up the phone to assure the police and the public that he will give himself up soon, if a few more demands are met. Meanwhile the real scum is in the sewer where they belong, but alas, they are making off with the largest heist in the history of the world! The numbered bank accounts in Switzerland are thanking the heavens that finances are digital these days as there is no where near enough room for the cash being stolen from the American people.

As I stated before, this is simply the musing of an overactive mind (pre-ADHD generation). I have no proof that this is what has happened. But I ask you, my fellow travelers in this moment of human history; do YOU know where the 10 Trillion dollars went? Is it just 10 Trillion dollars? Has anything been fixed? Does Barack Obama seem remotely concerned about it? Do you believe that congressmen were paid off for their votes? Do you trust Wall Street Bankers? Other than perhaps the health care bill, would things be much different if John McCain had won the election? Why did Obama keep some of Bush's Treasury and Federal Reserve people? Do you believe that we will ever know where all that money ended up? 10 Trillion is 10 Thousand Billion. If 500 Billion of 10 Thousand Trillion was unaccounted for forever; would you be surprised? What would you do for 500 Billion dollars?

I rest my case. Let history judge my suspicious mind...

by: Keith Rodebush

Special thanks to Tania Rodebush who calls me her "Most Awesome Dude!" for her naturally suspicious nature which seeded this train of thought.

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