October 12, 2010

We Die Apart, or Live Together


It occurred to me tonight, that while we fight each other over whether we should have our Liberty or not; there are forces around the world who would use it to slit our throats. Does that mean we should give it up in hopes that they will leave us be? Or; should we embrace our heritage and rise together to defeat the greatest threat to Western civilization? You know what? Our enemy has already answered this question for themselves. Can we?

Unfortunately, we must first defeat our own misguided fools before we can fully fight the world's battle adequately (Marx's useful idiots are not only useful to Communists). The current leadership in both parties is way too concerned with their own image and comfort to seriously engage the American public on the threat at hand. Make no mistake, only America can fight this fight. Not alone, with many friends. But only America can lead this fight. We must defeat the enemy within forthwith, eradicate the virus among us, revive the healthy tissue of freedom. Only then can we unleash the dogs of war. No less than the fate of the free world depends on it. Do you doubt me? If so, you are History's fool.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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  1. I debated on whether to include a video that showed the result of Sharia Law for Middle East women. I did not. They are out there. Watch one, then tell me how you can ever vote for a liberal, with an R or a D after their name, ever again. Semper Fi. Nex Ut Tyrannus!