October 21, 2010

Vote In Blood!


As we come upon this monumental election, the emotions throughout the country are on high alert. People are frustrated beyond belief for a variety of reasons. Some are frustrated that the government is too powerful. Some are frustrated because they want the government to work for them and it doesn't. Some are just frustrated because they want the government to leave them the hell alone and let them work and raise their families as they see fit. Regardless of where you fall among the political spectrum, you should absolutely vote this year. Despite your political stripe, unless you are a full blown Marxist or Socialist, you should vote Republican this year.

Now I know that a number of Americans will say, "Well, they're all the same and the Republicans screwed up too." That is true but it is apples and oranges. More importantly, it was Socialist Republicans that screwed up. This is not about R and D. It's about L and C. It's not Republican and Democrat; it's Liberty or Communist. This administration and this Democrat congress have shown beyond any shadow of doubt what the contemporary Democrat party is. It is nothing more than a thinly disguised communist/socialist cabal intent on redefining this nation into something that would cause our Founding Fathers to rise up and rebel once again. Even more what they have proven rather brazenly in fact, is that they are really just a den of thieves siphoning off Billions and even Trillions of hard-working Americans tax dollars to line the pockets of them and their lobbyist friends. It is despicable how much corruption has been ingrained into our political system.

So, Keith, why should I vote for a Republican when I am not confident that they have learned their lesson? Good question. The simple fact is that for now we are a two party system. The Tea Party for the time being has decided to attempt one last time to revive the Republican party into the party of freedom that it is supposed to be. But this is their last chance. For now, it is clear we simply cannot risk letting Democrats continue destroying this great nation. This cycle, we can give no quarter to Democrats. Any vote for anyone other than a Republican is a vote for Democrats. You will never hear me say this again. Either the Republican party will return to it's conservative roots or it will immediately be turned into a third party wannabe. However, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have shown exactly who they are and what they will do to America.

Do Not Forget how they passed the stimulus despite Americans begging them not to.

Do Not Forget how they passed bailouts after we begged them no to.

Do Not Forget how they lied, cheated and ignored the Constitution and the congressional rules to pass Obamacare even though we begged them not to.

Do Not Forget that Cap and Tax is just sitting there waiting for a Senate vote. The most oppressive tax on prosperity in the history of mankind. A knife in the heart of our economic system. All based on proven falsified science, meant only to put more money in their hands through the trading of carbon credits. They take you for fools you know.

My fellow Americans. We cannot let this moment pass without a resounding effort. This election cannot be simply a midterm turnaround. This must be a referendum on Socialism once and for all! If you have any decency and respect for this country at all, you can do nothing but vote for a Republican. If you just can't bring yourself to do so then for the sake of your grandchildren, who Obama has already put into debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, stay home. Retain some small sense of decency in your life. This country was founded on the principle of freedom and individual responsibility. This is not a socialist nation and will never be. We will fight to keep it so. Many a man and woman have died so that you have the right to vote. Blood is on that ballot. Do you seriously think that they died so that you can vote for Socialism! You simply cannot believe that and be an American. They died for your freedom and nothing else. If you believe otherwise, go from us now in peace. Leave this land of the free and home of the brave. Go to one of your socialist enclaves and tell them not that you were once our countryman. Kiss your chains and leave us be. THIS country is for freedom and liberty. May God Bless these United States of America. May God smite her enemies abroad and within. Vote, my friends. But vote with blood on that ballot! Our servicemen and women have already spilled their blood upon it. Respect it!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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