October 26, 2010

Worse Than Murder!


What could be worse than murder? Stealing someone's vote, that's what. 'Come on' you say, be serious, Keith. Murder is taking a life, stealing a vote doesn't come near that. You are wrong, my friend. Having murdered someone you have their blood on your hands. Having stolen someone's vote, you have the blood of hundreds of thousands of patriots on your hands. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have laid down their lives for the right of each of us to vote for our future. What kind of vile piece of human debris could steal that from you and sleep at night?

Recently, in several states, it has come to light that after two years of preparation the election officials in those states have found it impossible to get our military veterans their ballots in a timely manner. Late reports have state officials acknowledging that many veterans votes will not be counted this year because of these failures. Our brave men and women, laying down their hearts, their legs, their arms, their skulls and their lives for this nation, will not have a say in who leads them in that endeavor. I'm sure that it is purely coincidental that the most egregious are heavily Democrat states like Illinois and New York. This is beyond unacceptable. This is treason! You must forgive me, my fellow Americans but there is no punishment adequate to alleviate this dispicable behavior! Hanging in front of the poll place with a sign that says, "THIS is what we do to treacherous vote stealers!" is the closest thing I can think of that would suffice to heal this wound. I'm sorry, but I have no pity for these traitorous people. Oh PLEASE!! DO NOT tell me that this is a simple clerical error. They have had 2 years! 730 (seven hundred and thirty days) to prepare to get this system in order to make sure that our finest citizens can exercise their most precious privelege and right; to vote for the representative of their choice who may send them into harms way. There is absolutely zero excuse for this!

As of this writing, the news is filled with stories of voting machines 'malfunctioning' and having democrat candidates already checked. In some cases when one checks the 'straight republican' box, one finds that all of the democrat candidates get the vote. These machines are programmed people! It doesn't just 'accidently' vote for you! There is a special place in hell for someone who could steal a persons vote. I am at a loss for words and that doesn't happen...what do you say about someone like that?

Just today, Sandra Day O'Connor was brought in as a pinch hitter for another judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and an Arizona law requiring ID to vote was shot down, one week before election day! Google it, you'll see. This law has been on the books since 2004 and BAM! just like that, nope, you can be tootie fruitie and vote in Arizona this year. Is there any doubt in your mind that this is so illegal aliens can vote? Or, that voter fraud can take place? All of this, ALL OF THIS, is liberal fraud. Democrats, almost exclusively are stealing Americans votes, including American soldiers. How can any decent citizen of this fine country give any quarter to a democrat this year?

If you don't vote; you give comfort to the enemy within.
If you vote third party, you give comfort to the enemy within.
If you don't impress upon your friends the importance of voting out the democrats this term; you give comfort to the enemy within.
If you vote for anyone other than a Republican this cycle; you affirm that stealing votes works; you affirm that veterans do NOT deserve to vote!

Now I know that some of you will say, "Keith you're going too far. We should vote third party!"
Let me make an analogy my fellow patriots. It is like you have two large armies battling on the field of honor. They are somewhat evenly matched. One army represents unspeakable evil and terror. The other, maybe not Nirvana, but at least some freedom and liberty. Off to the side you have a small militia. They fight against both armies. True patriots all, representing only faith, hope and love; but completely outnumbered to the extent that they will be annihilated. I come over the hill and see the coming battle before my eyes. To who do I lend my life? True, it would be honorable to die for the good militia. But would that be the best utilization of my life? Is that worth the end of my talents which could be lent to change the good army in the future? Do I fight for the evil army? Surely not. Or; do I fight for the good army, with perhaps an unpopular general, not perfect, but at least fighting for freedom? What is your life worth? What is your vote worth? Do you die on this hill? Do you live to fight another day? It is your choice, and I and the good army, are willing to let you make it. The others are not, they steal your choice from you. You see, they are smarter than you. They know better than you what is good for you. Maybe you should just roll over and show your belly...

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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