December 7, 2010

You Lie Mr. President; and I mean that with the utmost respect...for the office.


So finally, we get the President to admit that tax cuts stimulate the economy? For years the liberals have been completely spastic about the Bush tax cuts were only tax cuts for the rich. That they would cost us money. That they wouldn't stimulate the economy. Now, as the tax cuts are close to expiring, even democrats are loathe to allow it. Why? Because in this recession it would be too dangerous to raise taxes on the middle class. It could cause another dip. Huh? First of all, I didn't think there were any tax cuts for the middle class. And tax cuts for the rich hurt the economy not help it. Why on earth would someone agree to tax cuts if it was bad for the economy? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. Your president and most of the spokesman of his party; are simply and clearly, bold faced liars! They have pounded their fist and threw fits of feigned rage and traveled around the political shows on the propagandist arm of the party, lampooning the Bush tax cuts for 10 dad gum years!! And now, when reality is about to hit, and a president, whose low poll numbers cannot sustain another hit two years before an election; only now are they honest and admit that raising taxes during a recession is bad economic policy. Why? Because low taxes spur economic development and they know it. They have simply and consistently been lying to you over and over again. What sane person could vote for this party any time soon with it's current philosophy? Divide America. Class warfare. Lie constantly. Act conservative during election time, then govern like socialists. These people are despicable vermin and deserve not even a modicum of respect or support. If you vote for a liberal from either party you are quite simply a useful fool. They will lie cheat and steal from you and then blame it on the 'rich'. Well the big lie is bared for all to see. Rich people create the jobs that help the poor make it to the middle class and beyond if their ambitions and dreams match their tenacity and effort. Obama and his minions have been lying through their teeth to us all. Now we get to sit back and watch the propagandist media bend over and create new yoga positions in order to try and defend him and prop him up one more time before the next election, because he is simply too big to fail. It is disgusting. Stop voting for liars. Stop purchasing goods from corporations who prop up propagandist media outlets. Write letters to congressman and papers and anyone else you can think of. These vermin must be weeded out of the American political discourse once and for all. For this republic to survive, bold faced liars must be held accountable. Do you have the guts to face the truth?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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