December 16, 2010

It's So Easy....


...Even A Republican Can Do It!!

It really is a daily struggle anymore not to completely lose faith in humankind. We The People are constantly trying to send messages to our representatives. We call, we write, we email and insist that they quit the crazy spending, that they cut the bloated government, that they respect the Constitution etc. etc. etc. America is and always has been a conservative country. We want people to take care of themselves if possible. We want government to stay out of our family's lives. We want to protect Liberty for our children and grandchildren. Every politician outside of Nancy Lugosi's district has to run as a conservative to win elections. We can talk about the stupidity of the average voter later, but all politicians know that they can't say, "I'm going to raise taxes, I'm going to take more of your freedoms away, I'm going to spend until our economy completely collapses from the weight of a bloated tyrannical government enslaving the American people to the point that their production goes down and the economy tanks. Please vote for me!" You never hear that and you never will, and yet when a democrat stands up and pretends to be conservative and talks about cutting taxes, you believe them. I know I know, I'm slipping off the blog a bit.
Republicans, please listen closely! It's very easy. Yes, even you can do it. Just tell the truth. Simply point out that every time a liberal opens their mouths, they are lying. No they don't care about your health. No they don't care about your children. No they don't care about your grandmother. If they did, they wouldn't be running this country into the ground every chance they get. They wouldn't be going to union rally's and giving speeches sounding like Hugo Chavez. They wouldn't be impugning the very people who drive our economy, you know those filthy job creating business owning rich people. They wouldn't be holding back minorities with depressing and racist rants about how the Republicans are rich white folks who hate you. How can any sane person support these people? Well, one reason is that the other side, the GOP, doesn't stand up and fight for what is right. Fight for truth. Fight for conservative values. Call a liar a liar. Call a socialist a socialist. Look, if you want to redistribute wealth then you are a greedy socialist who wants to destroy this nation. Get your money the old fashioned way...EARN IT! Republicans; start praising this great land. Start lauding our founding fathers. Start defending the United States Constitution just like your oath pledges you to do! Quit pretending that the democrats really want to be nice to you this time. NO! Lucy will pull the ball away again. She hates you dipstick! It ain't rocket science. Protect our Liberty. Hell just read your own damn platform you embiciles!! Smaller government. Lower taxes. Less spending. More Liberty. Individual responsibility. And yes, Charity to the truly needy. And for the truly lazy? Get a job deadbeat! Quit sponging off of your neighbors. Since when did being a mooch become vogue? Since when did Americans start taking pride in stealing the hard earned gains of their fellow Americans? Yes, Republicans; we want you to speak out, speak up, speak truth and quit hoping that the propagandist wing of the democrat party known as the main stream media is going to like you some day. pssssst...I've got a big secret to tell you. They never will! They are socialist useful idiots. They will never like you. Just look how they treat Sarah Palin; for no valid reason they hate her guts! They hate you too and they always will. Get over it!
And for heavens sake; could you please quit slobber whining all over the international airwaves for all of our enemies to see. How pathetic are you? Man up!

Every conservative voter in this country, pay attention. I don't care how proud you are that your congressman has seniority. If they are not true conservatives, they are hurting your children, your grandchildren and mine too. Vote them out in the next primary. Never forget a single vote. It's not that hard. Yes, it's so easy; even a Republican can do it.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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