November 7, 2010

Voters Unite to Save Republic

The midterm elections are almost completed save for the oft ignored races that are too close to call, or in which out and out fraud was commited upon the American people. I must admit an instinctive wish to scream, "We won!" at the democrats and President Obama, but I am much too concerned about our country to match the socialists divisionary technique. While I am very proud of the American voter and the Tea Party patriots who sent a resounding message to Washington D.C., I am also lucidly aware that much more work is ahead of us than is behind us. Many of those who voted may have simply been picking the lesser of two evils and are content to continue that trend. I believe that there is too much at stake to be so flippant about the direction of this country. The choice is clear in historical terms even as it is muddled by propagandist media, revisionist history and indoctrination of generations of Americans. We are truly at a crossroads in this country as to what kind of a nation will we leave to posterity. Will we continue the republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, or shall we morph into a socialist democratic placeholder for the tyranny to come? I propose that the Independents and Democrats, who voted Republican in this cycle in order to send a clear message to the federal government that results are all that matters, should join with the Tea Party movement in a perpetual push to rid this country once and for all of the failed socialists policies of the democratic leadership in modern America.

One thing that all clear thinking Americans should be able to agree on henceforth is that socialists policies, whether implemented by a good intentioned political hack, or an ill-intentioned idealogue; are disastrous for this nation, it's prosperity and its Liberty! Now is the time for all voters to proceed in holding the new group in Washington accountable for each and every vote they make. One strike and you're out! One unconstitutional vote and you no longer deserve to represent the American people. Be gone! No social program can replace a good job. No idealistic panacea can replace the spirit of freedom and ingenuity inherent in the American soul. No apologetic revivication of the American image can replace the charity and blessed freedom bestowed upon the world by an unapologetically successful nation steeped in the core values of God given rights of Man and the limited powers of government. No amount of misanthropy can replace the true love of thy neighbor, manifesting itself in the recognition of the potential of free peoples to achieve greatness for us all.

The failures of socialism are there for all to see. Redistribution of wealth is socialism plain and simple. The mistake is to believe that the failure of a party is a failure of it's platform. Republicans haven't followed their platform for decades. The time is now to return this country to it's founding principles. We will do it with the establishment or without. We will fight socialism and big government tyranny wherever it appears. And if we join together, a coalition of groups, bound by one guiding principle we can defeat socialism once and for all in this country. That principle is Liberty. It was expounded upon by our Founding Fathers meticulously in numerous documents leading up to and following the founding of this republic. It is upon this foundation that we will rebuild this once proud nation into the beacon of hope that it has so recently been for millions of people around the world who still long to be a part of it. The choice is clear. Socialism or Liberty. Let us join in defending the latter and eradicating the former forever.

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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