November 23, 2010

Workin' on a Chaingang!

When are we going to get serious about our representatives? We have lobbyist for airport scanners getting paid millions after serving as the head of the department that orders the scanners! Where is the outrage? We have multiple politicians who have no problem writing complicated tax laws to trap small businesses into confiscatory tax rates, stifling the economy, putting Americans out of work and destroying peoples lives; yet they can't seem to figure out how to pay their own taxes! And when they get caught? Well, it's just a misunderstanding! They'll pay it, don't worry. They get a slap because it's not really against the rules for them you see. Oh did I mention they write the rules? This is egregious corruption at all levels of our government. We need to see some folks go to prison. And I mean some hard time 10-20 minimum. The havoc that they wreak upon the hard working people of this country while they live in the lap of luxury, break laws, lie, cheat and steal; all the while holding themselves up as some sort of ruling class that is above the simple taxpayer. It makes me sick. It makes me angry. It makes me want to vote every one of them out! How about you? How long are YOU going to bend over and take it? Kiss your chains. KISS YOUR CHAINS!
Nancy Pelosi gets reelected? Harry Reid? Mitch McConnell? Lamar Smith? Are you kidding me? These people have fed at the government trough for decades. Only when election time comes around do they even pretend to care what you think. If we don't clean out this den of snakes in the next few elections then we are not worthy of the honor bestowed upon us by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and George Washington. That honor is to protect and pass on a constitutional republic to our children. Do YOU deserve it? Really? When's the last time you told a liberal just how destructive they are to America? Hmmmm? No guts....No Honor....No pride? Look your children or your siblings children in the eye and tell them you are doing all that is possible to save their Liberty. If you can't do that then someday you will be an embarassment to them. Do you doubt me?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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