November 1, 2010


My final argument is quite simple. If you believe that the federal government is there to take care of you and help you to succeed, then you are hopelessly naive, and completely ignorant of the founding of this country. Vote if you wish, but you will be disappointed all your days, because Liberalism Kills. It never gives to the worker what is promised. In the end the workers always hang their own, because they never get what they are promised. Just read history.

If you believe in personal freedom, personal responsibility, states rights, individual rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness; then you must vote Republican in this cycle. This must be an overwhelming referendum against socialism once and for all. The left and their lap dogs in the press will try to paint it as just a tantrum, but history will judge it as a complete repudiation of leftist policies. Please vote responsibly.

Finally, if you don't believe in Liberty and individual rights and freedoms...what the hell are you doing here? That is what this country was founded on. There are other countries where that is not true. Please travel there. Perhaps you'll like it. Maybe you could open a little coffee bar and hand out socialist pamphlets and such. I'm sure they would welcome you and your money with open arms. Godspeed!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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