November 16, 2010

Get Off Of My Cloud!


A sleeping giant is being awakened in this country. It is not a quick startled type of awakening for sure. It is a slow monotonous irritation that beckons the attention of the slumbering polypheme. The haze of sweet repose blurs the initial vision of the behemoth rendering it slow to react to the surrounding threat. Recognition of the danger turns indifference to alacrity.

Of course this giant is the traditional, hard working, God fearing American. And now, this is one ticked off Colossus!

We are sick and tired of you telling us that flying the American flag is offensive to some people! Really? Then get the hell out of our country! If you don't approve of our flag then you don't approve of our country. Go to a country which rates your approval.

We've had it with socialist professors who have never accomplished a damn thing in their entire lives except waxing eloquently about the evils of the capitalism that allows them to be paid idiots, sponging off of the workers who actually produce something for this country. Get a real job Commie punk!

NO! We don't want to push 1 for English. Why don't you push 2 for go the hell away to wherever your language of choice is spoken.

We're through with your mamby pamby political correctness you Jackwagon!

We see completely through your imbecilic attempts to divide this nation along financial and racial lines! All Americans deserve freedom! All Americans deserve the fruits of their labors. All Americans deserve EQUAL access to the free market system! All Americans deserve the right to fail or succeed without the federal government punishing them for either! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF OUR MONEY YOU CORRUPT BASTARDS!

We're sick and tired of government acting like they are doing us a favor by allowing us to keep some of our hard earned dollars. IT AIN'T YOUR MONEY!!

We're disgusted with your disregard for our blessed Constitution!! You have NO POWER but what "We The People" lend you!

We're ashamed by the blatant disregard for the decency to simply tell the truth! What are you 12? Stand up for yourself, have a little honor and simply tell the truth you lying sacks of dung!!

We're exasperated with your America hating apologetic disgust for this the greatest nation conceived by Man!! Americans have supplied more food, more freedom, more blood, more treasure, more technology, more prosperity and more peace to the people of the world than any nation in the history of Mankind. If you're too ignorant to see that, at least have the discretion to shut your pie hole!

We're astounded and appalled by your childish attempts to demean Christianity, a religion of love and hope, while you foolishly praise the people who would cut your head off while screaming, "God is Great!" A fool and his head will soon part!

You have to feel up my 10 year old daughter to board a plane, but the 25 year old Muslim man who is known to attend a Mosque with a radical Imam and who has recently visited Pakistan or Yemen boards freely? Are you insane or a traitor?

We're infuriated by your ignorant attempts to impugn the honor of a people who simply want assistance for the poor to be handled locally where we can keep an eye on our money and on the recipients of our money. We neither trust them or you to make good use of it and we'd like to have it close to home so we can keep it honest!

We're completely aware that your charity only comes from other peoples wallets! Shame on you!

We're incensed by your inane protestations that a raise of less than you deem worthy is a cut in spending! If it goes up one cent, it ain't a damn cut you imbecile! What? Are you publicly schooled?

We're enraged by your lack of respect for our military men and women and their families and the sacrifices they make for this great nation. Their blood allows you to spew your hatred of your own country. You call them Nazis and murderers and suspected home grown terrorists while you refuse to call TERRORISTS, terrorists you insane little dweebs! Have a little respect you spineless vermin!

We're stupefied by your impossibly moronic insistence that global temperatures are affected more by cow flatulation than by the Sun's temperature, or volcanic activity, or orbital anomaly or any other of a plethora of natural phenomena that have fluctuated the earths temperature since it's creation! What a complete dufus! How do you get up in the morning?

We're universally aware that the only reason you don't want to show a picture ID when you vote is so you can can sucker a whole new sector of society to continue voting for corrupt, lying anti-American Communist! Lord knows you can't earn their vote with a legitimate thought!

And we're steadfastly offended by your capricious attempts to cast aspersions on the honor and integrity of our Founding Fathers, who we all know were fallible human beings, but were infinitely knowledgeable, Divinely inspired, historically keen, extremely cogent, ultimately honorable and had something you socialists will never have; courage of their convictions. They pledged their lives their fortunes and their honor while you pledge our lives and our fortunes and our nations honor for your petty little communist experiment.

Get off of my cloud you pitiful excuse for human beings! You will NOT take my country down! You will NOT undermine our republic. You will NOT steal our LIBERTY!! We will beat you down with the tools those Founding Fathers gave us; the vote, freedom, virtue, courage, honor, integrity, decency, knowledge, faith, charity and REAL hope; hope based on faith in God and Country. Something of which, much to your shame, you have no awareness. Get off of my cloud!!

You may have noticed that I'm a bit testy. Indeed. These ingrates want to steal our heritage. I will not go down without a fight! This aggression will not stand! I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take anymore! If you agree, please forward, retweet, share or otherwise disseminate this message to all those who LOVE AMERICA!

by: Keith D. Rodebush; one pissed off Marine!

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