October 3, 2009

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

Another poignant post by guest blogger Jon Thomas.

Is there anything about this country that the President finds worthy of praise? Is there anything good about us as a nation? Listen to any of his foreign policy speeches he has made and one could understandably come to the conclusion that they were listening to Hugo Chavez or Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. Liberals quickly become defensive when someone "challenges their patriotism" or suggests they might not hold this country in the highest regard. We need only revisit recent remarks of the President to understand why that is so. Several times during his campaign Obama allowed his true colors to shine through the centrist veneer he presented. The following was one of the most profound and frankly, quite disturbing. "We are 5 days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" he said at a campaign rally in Missouri the week before his election. President Obama is not stupid and chooses his words carefully. A country needing fundamental change is a country flawed to its core. It means it cannot be salvaged. It must be razed to its foundation in order to be reconstructed. In other words, America doesn't just have problems, it is the problem!

In just nine short months President Obama has - in the interest of restoring America's global standing and reputation - apologized for our existence in Egypt, France, Ghana, London, Russia, and Turkey but just can't bring himself to say anything nice about us. Latest on the appeasement tour was his first address to the United Nations. Just days after kicking sand in the face of Poland and Czechoslovakia, Obama wasted no time in throwing Israel under the bus. The day prior to his address, former would-be President for life, Manuel Zalaya -undoubtedly emboldened by Obama's support- was smuggled into the Brazilian embassy to rouse his rabble in Tegucigalpa. Then there was the spectacle of the worlds despots praising our President at the UN. Why wouldn't our enemies laud the person who seeks to abandon our eastern European allies, emasculate our military, and hamstring our economy, all while adding harmony to the global cantus firmus of "it's America's fault." Is it just me or does it seem Obama is more interested in kissing the posterior of the world's dictators than acting in the interest of the country which he represents and to which he is beholden?

So what is being accomplished by the President's eorum culpa? I suppose he could he be employing the Corleone maxim of keeping your enemies closer but I don't remember Vito being so transparent about it. This seems to be directed to and for the consumption of his left-wing base which -it appears- has grown to include many of the world's tyrants. (Democrats, that's why we often challenge your patriotism.) He seems to be saying to his base and to the world "you know those old white guys that preceded me, they really screwed up and I apologize for it. But the good news is I'm here to make you feel better about us." Now while that may sound comforting to the emotionally-driven domestic "blame America first" crowd to the international thugocrats this only exposes just how weak he is. I came to the conclusion early in the campaign that our world adversaries had already sized up all of the candidates running. That knowingly or not they had ranked them according to their own preference. Obama most assuredly was their top pick. Not because he would return America to greatness. To the contrary, he seemed to share their loathing for this country. I guess love really does mean never having to say you're sorry -doesn't it Mr. President?


  1. Obama is a disgrace. He must be a one term president.

  2. How embarassing that at a time of war the American people have hired a complete rookie. Now, he won't even listen to the dire warnings of his generals while our troops are getting killed daily.
    Thanks JT, for a poignant piece that exposes our shame.

  3. Must do something now with Obama. If we wait until his term is up, our country will not stand a chance.