October 11, 2009

The Emperor of Peace Has No Dress

This week the Nobel committee gave the Nobel Peace Prize to president Barack Hussein Obama. The nomination for Obama came less than two weeks after he took office. President Obama now joins the ranks of such historical pillars of peace as Kofi Annan and the terrorist killer of women and children, Yasser Arafat. The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke to any thinking person with a modicum of knowledge of world history. Throughout known history, peace has been achieved by freedom loving peoples applying targeted aggressive use of force to annihilate dictatorial leaders and their armies who spread violence and fear in their realm of influence.

From Herodotus' The Histories to any tome following the second world war, the oppression of peoples around the world has been ended by good people, yearning for liberty and peace, not just for themselves but their neighbors. These principled men and women used massive force with deliberation and focus. They gathered all resources necessary and available to overwhelm and kill as many of the enemy as needed to make the oppressors kneel in a genuflecting observance of power. This aggressive use of force has freed more peoples world wide, resolved regional conflicts, fed more hungry, stabilized more countries and led to the building of world wealth more than any speech or Utopian desire of the misguided leaders among us.

The United Nations spent 10 years and passed almost a hundred resolutions trying to get the dictator Sadaam Hussein to stop harassing his neighbors and terrifying his own people. He raped, pillaged and plundered all the while. He raised two sons who were poised to take over his oppressive regime and continue their terrorism of the Iraqi people and their neighbors in perpetuity. Only the aggressive use of force by the United States under the visionary guidance of president George W. Bush put an end to this tyrants reign. What the impudent 'peacemakers' of the U.N. could not accomplish in 10 years, president George W. Bush accomplished in 5. For that he has been scorned and ignored by the 'noble (Nobel) peace prophets' of the modern era. And yet, this same committee has no qualms about a man who bombed airplanes, murdered people in the streets, blew up old men, women and children in markets and on buses only to be made a leader of his people and engage in 'peace' talks that were nothing more than capitulation by the West. His people have continued their terrorist ways and fomented world wide aggression towards the Jewish people, resulting in the current crisis with an Iranian government whose stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map and currently is seeking to build a nuclear weapon to that end. To this man, Arafat, they awarded a Nobel Peace Prize on December 10,1994. Whose next Ahmadinejad? Kim Jong Il?

Congratulations, president Obama on this 'prestigious' award. If our president had one decent bone in his body, he would send a United States Marine, in full combat dress with loaded M-16, to accept the award on behalf of the U.S. military and their families who continue to bring peace and prosperity to a world which largely ignores the debt they owe to this great nation and it's aggressive use of force to physically stamp out the evil oppressors of mankind.

The Nobel Peace Prize is nothing more than a sick joke on the world so they may continue to pretend that love of fellow man, capitulation and negotiations are sufficient to stop the terrorism of peace loving peoples around the world. Sadly, this impotent leadership actually has caused the death of millions throughout history. Millions have died because of the misguided policies of those who share the philosophy of the Nobel Peace prize committee members. Think about that the next time you see a U.S. soldier. It is abundantly clear in the case of liberal leaders especially in Europe, when it comes to bringing peace to the world, the 'Emperor' has no dress!


  1. Very well said. Given the company of said award recipients & the degree to which it has been molested by the left into another way to give America the finger, one could say he really does deserve it. Thank-you.

  2. I could not have said this better myself. Hoooo Raaaaaaaaiiiiii Sir

    I could not have said this better my self! Whoooo Raiiiiiii Sir!!!!
    Thank you for telling them like it really is.

  3. Thank you Libertyworld and Cinnamongirl for reading and kind comments.

  4. The Nobel Committee and the U.N. continue to undermine their credibility. I wonder how long it will take the world to figure out that they are both frauds.