October 18, 2009

Fear, Hatred and Insanity = Modern Politics

Why do liberals hate George W. Bush so much? Of course, he's a member of the Republican party and that gets you the typical stereotypical attacks of rich, racist, war mongering reprobate, but the level of hatred vehemently espoused towards our former president was not known since Richard Nixon's glory days. In reality, George Bush was more liberal socially than many democrats in congress. His spending policies were rivaled only by those of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Liberals purport to want to embrace Muslims and have closer ties to Muslim countries. George W. Bush liberated tens of millions of Muslims from oppressive dictatorial regimes, setting up governments with at least some semblance of democratic format which could become friendly nations to the United States in future middle east policies. If liberals really love Muslims so much, wouldn't they love a president who helped so many of them? Liberals love government programs that interfere with all minutia of our everyday lives. With 'No Child Left Behind' and 'Medicare part D' ol' George solidified the government hold on education and health care in America. Don't even think about educating your child or providing for your parents health care without first checking with Washington D.C. Thanks, George, we appreciate your 'smaller government' stance there buddy! So why on earth would liberals hate a like minded politician? Well, the answer of course is, fear and hatred are all the democrats have to offer their constituents in the modern era.

Hatred is the most powerful of all human emotion and is very useful to those who want money and power. For tens of thousands of years, corrupt, self promoting tyrants have used fear and hatred to consolidate the ignorant populous behind their bid for power. Whether it be the Roman's leading a propaganda campaign against the Gauls or Hitler trashing the Jews or Al Gore inciting fear and hatred of those evil corporations (which he owns and operates btw); politicians hungry for money and power find it useful to incite fear and hatred of their opponent to mobilize the masses to 'defeat' them, and by default elect the instigator. And we fall for it; time and time again. We fall for it. Because we are sheep who have lost our sense of self reliance we now turn to government for answers. But they only have one answer, regardless of party affiliation. "Give us more money and more power and give up more of your liberty and we will save the day!" Of course they never do; in fact they always make things worse. Yes, even the iconic Ronald Reagan who did more to slow government growth than any modern president, nevertheless grew government, spent more and solidified government control by backing such programs as Medicare, public education, and Social Security. Yes, he argued against all of these, but in the end he signed multiple bills that further ensconced the federal government as the ultimate authority in all areas of our lives - cradle to grave. And we fell for it. We always fall for it. And we will fall for it again and again. Isn't that the epitomy of insanity? Can an insane country survive?

There is only one answer. Vote them out. All of them. Start with the leaders and work your way down. We usually do the opposite. When we are upset with one party, we vote out the peons of the other party, leaving the 'leadership' in place, then elect them to run the country. Then we sit back and whine, "Why doesn't anything change?". Start with the leaders of the Republican party in next years primary. Vote them out and replace them with principled conservatives. Not one on the ballot? Then RUN RUN RUN! Your country needs you! Vote them out in the primary. Then in the general election, vote out the democrats. Then, next election vote them out again in the primary. Clean out the whole rat's nest. The only politician that deserves your vote, is one that has voted against every single bill that expands government in any way shape or form. Any politician that voted to raise pay, expenses or benefits doesn't deserve your vote. Any politician that voted for more government spending of any kind, on any program other than the few constitutionally mandated areas does not deserve your vote. Regardless of what they say in the next campaign, if they have voted even once for a federal spending program, they do not deserve your vote. If you fall for it again, then not only is there no hope for you; there is no hope for your children or grandchildren; and your great grand-children will have to fight a bloody revolution to take back the liberty that the last several generations have frittered away. Are you insane? Well, prove it, sheep!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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  1. I am so tired of the two party system. We must take back what is ours.