September 26, 2009

The Party That Cried Racism

Guest Blogger: Jon Thomas

Once upon a time there was a Party whose ideas were old and had failed every where they had been tried. When policies became increasingly ineffective the people began to criticise the Party. The Party responded by calling them racists. The people were sensitive to this attack as many of them fought hard to end racism. The tactic worked so well and so often that the Party nominated a special presidential candidate. This candidate, with no executive experience and numerous relations with people of dubious repute, was thought to be shielded with race-plated armor. The people voted for the candidate and rejoiced in the hope that the post-racial era would begin. Then one day a black professor cried "racism"! The President immediately scolded the people, to whom it was obvious that the professor was the racist. The people were confused. Then the President proceeded with the same failed policies and the people again rose up in opposition. Sadly, the Party cried “racism"! Anyone who opposed the President's failed policies was branded a racist. This angered the people deeply, because they were not racists, they simply wanted change. Many of them had voted for the President. They thought that electing a black President would atone for the country’s original sin. Over time, race relations were set back decades as the Party had pitted one group of Americans against all others. The President and the Party fell out of favor, but the damage had already been done. The people were sad that such a magnificent gesture of solidarity had been used to divide the country once again.

The moral of this story:

A vacuous cry of racism breeds cynicism; darkening a nations soul...the minority disenfranchised; the majority skeptical & resentful.

Tribuo nos cado

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