September 13, 2009

A Generational Fight For Freedom

It takes many years, and in some cases many generations to devolve a republic into a soft tyranny. It will likewise take at least a generation to retake the liberty that has already been lost. Of all things that we are to protect for future generations, none is more vital than liberty. We have become a nation of spoiled, fat and politically lazy citizenry whose knee jerk reaction to every issue is to ask Washington D.C. what they are going to do to 'fix' it. We should instead be asking Washington to get out of the way and allow free Americans to find solutions. To every issue we should be asking ourselves, "In what way can we diminish the federal governments role and impact on this subject to better allow free citizens to find long term solutions that protect the free market principles so important to our growth and prosperity?" Every time.

Our founding fathers worked studiously to draft a constitution that would ensure that the central government would never overpower the people themselves. They understood that a free person, with the tools of a free market capitalistic system is the most inventive, innovative and successful weapon to fight any of the ills that may be thrust upon us. Do not be fooled by the arm chair historians who claim that our forefathers had no idea of how complicated modern life would be. They spoke of it often. That is why they laid down a philisophical foundation; that all government is inherently oppressive, and that the best solutions to any problem will be found by free individuals exercising their will within a free market system.

Our government has become a soft tyranny. What started with Theodore Roosevelts Progressive Party, was perverted by Franklin D. Roosevelts Democrat Party, and expanded by modern day liberals is nothing more than a monstrosity ever hungry for more power and money. With ever the mantra that they only want to help those that can't help themselves; itself a spurious indictment of the human spirit; the liberals constantly push for more government programs to fill the gap that previous government programs have developed. Any reasonable entity would soon recognize the futility but a government that has as it's only true ambition the collection of as much power over it's citizenry as possible will never acknowledge the obvious. No problem encountered by a free people can be solved by an enslaved people. Government is never the solution and is always the problem either directly or indirectly. Either through excessive use of it's power or by dereliction of it's true constitutional duty.

Power once derived is never given up easily. It usually requires the use of force and the spilling of blood. However, again we find our forefathers were very intuitive in structuring our government. By giving the House of Representatives a two year term, they allow us the opportunity to greatly change government in one election. As a check against ill conceived change, the Senate terms rotate on a two year basis so it takes ten years to replace all of them. Therefore, we can replace the entire congress in ten years. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a position where this may be necessary. However, a greater problem exists within the party structure. While an observant pol would certainly recognize constituent unrest and change his/her position on any given issue, to change the attitude of those who enter public service will be a long fought enterprise. This battle will require changes to the education system, recognition of parental responsibility in the area of civic duty and self discipline of the electorate to become immune to the patronization of the current flock of public servants.

The question before us all is this: Do we have the fortitude to embark on a generational battle to fundamentally return our government to a government of the people, by the people and for the people? This will require a focused electorate heretofore unrealized. The question is not if the federal government should stop expanding, but that it should retract. That it should return to the states the powers that the constitution supposedly protects. This will take decades and any politician not dedicated to that priniciple must be summarily dismissed from their position at the earliest opportunity regardless of their pleas for mercy. All Americans should cherish liberty for a variety of reasons. We are at a critical period in what has been a century long battle to steal this republic and turn it into something very different. If this generation does not begin the long battle to take back this republican form of government entrusted to us by the blood of our ancestors, we may well go down in history as the generation that lost the American way of life for all generations to come. What will your place in history be?

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