September 2, 2009

It's Time to Break the Chains of Slavery

Over 140 years after the nation fought a bloody battle to free the black Americans from the bonds of slavery, we still find a significant portion of the black population chained and used for power and profit. No longer the slaves of southern cotton farmers, the contemporary black man finds himself oppressed by the very people who claim his plight as their own; by people who stand before the world and sing their own praises of diversity and tolerance and equality; by people who could care less for the average black man and in many cases are themselves racists. Todays slavery is carried out daily through the chains of government programs designed not to provide a foundation for a better life, rather to exploit an entire race by fomenting fear, hatred and division. History is not used to teach lessons, history is used to breed new animosity. The scab of the past is picked and picked replacing generations that had rightful grievance with new generations of hapless youth convinced their lot in life is not within their own control, but with a federal bureaucracy. Constant dialogue with no intent to build the black man up, but instead tearing the white man down. Hence, the greatest potential for allowing the black man to find his rightful place beside his fellow citizens; capitalism, is maligned and impugned in favor of socialistic methods developed by tyrants to hold entire populations down.
A new president comes along with the same old promises that he alone can bring you to the promised land. He alone can break the cycle of slavery. He alone can take the unrightful riches of the white man and distribute it amongst the worthy minority that votes for him. Then, once the election rhetoric has worked and he has found himself in the position of untold power, what does he do almost immediately? He takes away a school voucher program for poor black kids in Washington D.C. that has been extremely successful for the kids it gave hope to. He took that hope away from any future generation. He put them back in their place. In the chains of the system he exploits to obtain his own power and riches. He embarks on a spending spree unknown to mankind with no real consequence to poor black Americans. He trashes an economy that is the only hope of the poor. The poor always suffer most in recessions. He knows that. Then he tries to pass a bill that would increase the energy costs of all Americans knowing full well that the poor and the minorities he claims to champion will be hit the hardest with the energy price increases. But then it's not about them is it? It is about power and money. Then he proposes a takeover of the health care system thereby enslaving the entire population to the ever expanding 'benevolent' government.
Look down at your chains. Look down at your shame. Look down at your pathetic dependence on a group of people who have used you for their own gain, all the while keeping their kids in private schools so they don't have to mingle with your kids. Do you really believe that they care about you?
My fellow Americans - black, brown or whatever; you are free! You can read. You can study. You can learn, practice, work, act and accomplish anything your heart desires. There is no guarantee of success but you can try. Every road block whether fair or disdainful is but an opportunity for you to increase your knowledge and use your God given talents to overcome and excel. Liberty is the means by which you can break your chains. Liberty that has been provided by white men who owned slaves. Regardless of your belief as to their intent, they have left you the most precious gift with which you may rise above poverty and prejudice. LIBERTY! I implore you to take advantage of it while you still have it. For those who claim to carry your banner would enslave you once again - along with the rest of us.


  1. This is good stuff Keith. You really idetified the problem, as well as the only solution.

  2. Thanks, Matt. I appreciate you reading and your kind comment. It is amazing how we follow blindly. Even republicans have been re-electing RINO's for decades. I would love to see a patriot party or something but the two parties are so ensconced it's almost impossible to get a new one started. Unfortunately we have to work with what we have and the repub's are the closest thing right now. Replace them in the primary!!


  3. Yeah, it blows my mind that the conservative third parties and the Libertarians are not out trying to capitalize on the current displeasure with both parties.

  4. I'm afraid a third party will just get us more of the same. Perot gave us Clinton. The national structure of the two party system is rigged against a third party. The problem is that there is not really a clear choice right now and there should be. We must clean out the Republican party in the primary and then defeat the liberals in the general. It's our only real shot.