April 29, 2011

Solutions: Education


Every American citizen understands the importance of education. That is not to say that we all agree on the type of education that should be promoted, i.e. college preparation versus the 'Three R's' approach and even vocational training. I propose that all are important at some level. But then I shouldn't have a say in the child being educated in Chicago for instance. That is for the community to decide. They may feel that vocational skills which can be useful in preparing for manufacturing jobs or small business management would be beneficial to the majority of their kids. And likewise, it is not for them to tell folks in rural midwest towns how they should educate their children. They may feel that Agricultural programs are the most beneficial. One community might find the team skills, discipline and competitive spirit of sports programs worthy skills for children to learn, while others may feel that's a waste of time and strict academic regimens are necessary to prepare for the professional degrees available. While still others may determine that all of this is good and should be available at some level. But what level? Who should decide? The community? Or, a bureaucrat in an office in Washington D.C. sipping latte and reading statistical charts? Reasonable people understand that local communities are the best equipped to decide what is best for their children.

Does that mean that the federal government has no role whatsoever in education? Well, yea. That's exactly what it means. You see my fellow Americans there is nothing written in the U.S. Constitution which gives the federal government any power at all to manipulate education. In fact a 1973 SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruling verified that there is no federal constitutional right to education (pg 2- 1. b). This was left to the States. Once again, the Founding Fathers were very deliberative in the powers given to central government. They understood that something as vital as education could not possibly be trusted to corrupt politicians who have no qualms about using our childrens future as a tool for their own personal wealth and power, witness teacher unions and their donations to the democrat party. It is the responsibility of the states to educate their people.

Okay, so now we know that the Department of Education is entirely unconstitutional. What now? Well, you should insist that every politician who wants your vote should vow to abolish the D of E. If they don't do so, vote them out in the next primary. Again and again. You see, this Liberty stuff is hard! We have to be vigilant and tenacious. You cannot ever give in...the socialists never do. They are like a virus constantly mutating to defeat the immunity system of our nation. They have become airborne folks via the education system and if we do not innoculate our children with the antibodies of the truth of our founding and the importance of Liberty and Free Market Capitalism, this nation will fall; make no mistake about it.

Now, what type of education should we demand for our children? I submit that the best education is one in which our children are not taught 'what to think' but are taught 'how to think'. Any testing should not be based on certain information found in textbooks, it should be based on the idea that given a certain set of facts, what conclusion can be reached? Scientific theory of experimentation should be rigorously used to show how anyone can gather facts and experiment with unknowns and come to a logical conclusion based upon what is known. We should teach our nations history and the liberation of understanding that Rights come from God or the enslavement of believing they are gifts from Man. We should be teaching kids to question the facts and force proof of same. Above all, teach them to accept facts once proven regardless of personal wants or opinions. These principles and techniques allow us to filter the world around us through a prism of logic where reason and truth shines. In this way, when some idiot 9/11 truther says that steel doesn't melt in fire, a reasonable educated kid will immediately recognize that melting steel is exactly how it's made. Furthermore, said child will understand that steel doesn't have to completely melt to undermine structural integrity. Why they might even understand that the structure of the World Trade Center was unlike any other at the time and had an 'exoskeleton' design whereby except for the stair core, there were no columns but those at the perimeter of the building in the form of the unique frame which gave the building it's window shapes and distinctive look. A child so educated might understand that the federal government is abrogating it's duty under the Constitution to protect a state against invasion if asked to do so by the Governor of said state under Article VI section 4. And therefore, when Arizona passes a law to protect itself from said invasion, our children might not be inspired by communist teachers to go out and protest against the protectors of American rights and might instead go out and protest against a federal government which does not live up to it's constitutional mandate. But I dream do I not? Heh heh. We can't have an educated populace like that now can we? Can we? I mean come on, how would a democrat ever get elected in that type of intellectually prejudiced environment?

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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