April 9, 2011

GOP Deals With Devil


The Grand Ole Party is doomed. They are cowards who ran away when the fight for our nation's soul was at hand. It didn't take them 3 months to show the lie that the 'Pledge to America' was. They promised to cut $100 billion in the first year. They promised to defund Obamacare. They continue to promise to defend the Godly innocence of the unborn child. They failed. They failed. They failed. When the fight was at hand. When the Democrat Socialists predictably began their hysterical assault and despicable accusations of the GOP wanting to kill children and old people (this from the Abortion mill supporters), the Republican party tucked their tail and ran like the cowards they are. This is the hope of the republic? This is what the Patriots of this great nation have to tie the future of our grandchildren to? These are the warriors of freedom? What a disgrace! They don't deserve to walk beneath the painting of our Founding Fathers. They deserve nothing but the contempt and indignation of a permanently disappointed electorate. The people of this nation instituted a Revolution. We did so in the manner prescribed by our founding, through the ballot box. The House of Representatives holds 100% of the budget strings of the United States of America. Any politician who claims that they couldn't do any more because they only hold one house of Congress are lying to your face. They control the money. They had all the cards, all the power. They squandered it away for a pittance. $38.5 Billion out of a $3.7 TRILLION budget. What a joke. With no more seriousness to our nations fiscal plight than this we can safely say that nothing substantial will change. That means endless debt. That means endless Socialists programs. That means success for Democrats whose entire political future is tied to endless spending on social programs for votes. That means this economy will not recover. That means printing more money. That means the dollar will eventually fall. That means the end of the republic. That means the end of Liberty for future generations already saddled with unfathomable debt. This generation is responsible for the end of the promise of American freedom. Our children and grandchildren are doomed to be slaves to government programs. The jobs will not be there for them. Everyone must take care of their family and when there is no place in the free market to do that, one must grudgingly reach out to the state for the handout. This is exactly the plan the communist Democrat party has been implementing for over 100 years. The citizens of this nation have allowed the chains to be lightly clasped to their limbs. Now the last breath of hope being squandered in it's infancy, they are left only to ease the pain of their chains with the salve of handouts from the very wretched whores who have destroyed this, the once greatest nation in the history of the world. May they burn in Hell for destroying this country and dooming the world to chaos and tyranny.

by: Keith D. Rodebush, once proud American

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