August 10, 2009

Health Care Takeover Protest. Austin, TX 8/9/09

Here are a few pictures from a Health Care Takeover protest at the Capitol building in Austin Texas on Sunday August 9, 2009. The word was that the democrats were going to put on a rally in support of the bill. The word got around by email and twitter and hundreds of patriots showed up to protest this takeover of a private American industry. Some came from as far as San Antonio to show their disgust with the direction of this country. Only a handful, less than 10 with signs, showed up in support of the Obama administration's attempted takeover of health care. Everyone there was respectful, kind and courteous but extremely worried about the ever growing federal government and the resulting loss of liberty associated with it. There were independents and republicans alike. There may have been a few democrats on our side but they were too ashamed to admit it as far as I know. The local news to this point, 9:00 a.m. 8/10/09 has not covered this at all. Not a peep. It is possible that this was a bait and switch and that a rally for the bill may have been held at the city hall instead, but I have not confirmed that as of this writing. The diversity of the people and the originality of all of the hand written signs is a testament to the truly grass roots character of this protest. There was a whole other section of people in the shade behind the photographer here. (Sorry, these are cell phone pics) Speakers not only bashed the Obama spending spree but equally bashed the Bush administration for it's excessive spending. At one point a cadence call was started saying, "No RINO's! No RINO's! No RINO's!" As you can clearly see, there are no swastikas, Brookes Bro's suits or GOP organizers. Just normal folks who are sick and tired of this country's leap to the left. Freedom over tyranny!! All liberals and left leaning Republicans should beware. We are coming for you at the next primary! You haven't seen riots till you see the working people riot!
This is exactly why my local group is starting a coalition of groups that will deal with wayward politicians one at a time in a very focused and direct way. We intend to defeat RINO's in the primaries. If anyone is interested in assisting in this effort please email me. My address is in the column on the left of this blog. Thank you all and God Bless America and free speech.
by: Keith D. Rodebush

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