August 4, 2009

Are You Ready to DO Something?

The primary reason that politicians today are so corrupt is because they believe that by election time, most will have forgotten their dirty deeds. They believe that the money they get from lobbyists will override any opposition by the public. They believe that YOU won't really act on your contempt. Well, I intend to prove them wrong!

I have received preliminary approval by the board of my local Republican group to initiate a plan to create a coalition of groups that will monitor the votes of legislators on critical constitutional issues. We will warn the politicians not to vote against their principles or the Constitution on a specific issue, i.e. Cap and Trade or Bail Out/Control of private industry . If they ignore the warning, the coalition will work to defeat them in the next primary. We will support their opponent, fund raise for advertisement to remind their constituency of how they voted and use email and internet to expose them to their voters at the critical time of the primary. We will focus on one at a time, thereby exponentially expanding our power to extract a pound of flesh. It's a ONE strike and you're OUT program!

This coalition of groups will be loosely organized so that each maintains autonomy, but we all come together for focused efforts on individual actions. In this way, when a letter is sent to a legislator, it will not be signed by John Doe, it will be signed by hundreds or thousands. All of whom will pledge to actively work to defeat them in the next primary if they don't respect their principles and the U.S. Constitution. Because of the scope we will be unable to hold all accountable but instead we will pick specific instances to focus on. We will use them as examples for the purpose of warning others. If we can get one politician defeated, then others will pay closer attention when their letter of warning arrives! We really don't even have to defeat them, just make it close and scare them.

This can only work if like minded Americans finally decide that they want to DO something instead of just being disgusted at the corruption and tyranny that our Congress has come to be so well known for. Are YOU ready to DO something? If you would be interested in actually holding elected officials accountable, please email me and I will give you more details.


Collectively we need to let the government know that the Lion has been awakened! We will not go quietly into the night!! It is time for the silent majority to ROAR!!!

God Bless the United States of America!

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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