February 20, 2011



Civility does not stupidity require.

A liar lies, even to you.

A hamburger salary and a steak appetite will get you neither.

Faith in God is virtuous; faith in Man is foolish.

Government = Force

Dividing the country by race is racist.

Dividing the country by sex is sexist.

Dividing the country by wealth is just stupid.

Who’s your daddy is not intended to be a multiple choice question.

Education by idiots is not.

Killing of innocents is always choice; but never right.

Respect is earned; contempt is free.

Voluntary Slavery becomes involuntary.

An educated fool is still a fool.

Freedom comes from God; Slavery from Man.

Heed your enemies or suffer their success.

Compromising ones principles is not compromise; it’s submission.

Patriots commit; socialist submit.

I’ve never worked for a poor man.

Don’t turn the fruit of your labor into vinegar.

To love freedom and government is to ignore history.

Rapid decisions cause vapid opinions.

Charity comes from Prosperity.

Nihilism is the refuge of a weak mind.

Youth will pass; stupidity will not.

Weakness is not kindness.

The Meek will inherit the earth. The righteous don’t want it.

Liberalism, like rust; never sleeps...

Education doesn't equal intelligence.

Please. Think for yourselves my fellow Americans. Knowledge is not a right, it is a privilege. It comes from self discipline and research. Believe nothing. Verify everything. Trust in God and your life will be righteous.

by: Keith D. Rodebush
special thanks to JT

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