January 2, 2011

What Does the New Year Bring?

As we put 2010 behind us, and not a moment too soon as the lame duck session of Congress proved beyond any doubt, many of the talking heads are asking the question, "What should we expect of Congress in this new year?" That is a trap my friends. It is exactly the wrong question. It is a question that is meant to achieve an intended result. Namely the 'failure' of Republicans to 'govern'. Understand that in the twisted mind of a liberal, to govern means to spend more money on socialist programs. To govern means to punish capitalists with overbearing regulation. To govern means to implement social and cultural change by legislation and regulation where you cannot possibly do it by electoral success. To be fair they do not realize that this form of governing and tyranny are one and the same. Sure there are a few at the top of the manure pile who do realize such and have it as a goal. But the rank and file liberal operates on emotion and not logic so the obvious destructive result of their good intentions is never realized in the least. Indeed when confronted with the obvious failure of their policies the inevitable response is always that we didn't spend enough money or we didn't regulate strictly enough for the desired result, Nirvana, to be reached. Liberalism is indeed as Michael Savage so eloquently stated, a mental disorder. A fact confirmed by a credentialed forensic psychiatrist in the book "The Liberal Mind..." http://tinyurl.com/LiberalMadness by Dr. Lyle Rossiter Jr. M.D. (note that the most vociferous critics of Dr. Rossiter are those who fit his discription of mentally deranged! LOL)

I digress, but for an important reason. There is a large portion of our population, exponentially represented in the media, who believe that to be tyrannical and steal money and liberty from the people and make them dependent serfs in an ever expanding fiefdom, is simply the definition of 'to govern'. The majority of these are simply ill-informed, or as Dr. Rossiter points out, their structure for thinking is so skewed that they are incapable of discerning what is logically the right choice for theirs and their childrens future. Take heart my fellow Americans. This disease can be cured and a good dose of reality is a step in the right direction. This is what the liberals in Congress and the White House have provided us in the last few years.

So to the question; "What Does the New Year Bring?". The real querie before us as a nation is, "What should we expect of the American People in the next year?"

This is a vexing question. If we simply look at a historical perspective of the last century one might be tempted to assume that we can expect more of the same. Voters complaining about government while demanding more government to assist in their own lives. However, I believe that another lesson can be learned from the past century. That is that when the chips are down and the very existence of this country is on the line; the American people inevitably come together and fight a very tenacious battle against the forces amassed against us. More and more people are coming to realize that this is the situation we are now in. The very existence of America as a constitutional republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers is at risk like never before. No better evidence of this exists than the march on Washington D. C. by liberal democrats in 2010 euphimistically called the 'One Nation' rally.

Another lesson of history is that when the people are given the truth, unvarnished by political whim, they have an innate ability to pick right over wrong. People know that taking property from an honest hard working producer and giving it to a lazy bum who adds nothing to society but stress, is wrong on a very basic level. They also know that helping folks who through no fault of their own find themselves on the wrong side of the economic equation is a virtue. What they are now starting to realize more and more with the advent of new informational technologies is that both of these are areas where the federal government has failed miserably. It uses class warfare to divide us, for the express purpose of gaining political clout, power over us and personal gain. It fails to distinguish the truly needy from the lazy, incompetent and in some cases evil (criminals, terrorists and perpetrators of fraud). We now know that while some may call themselves liberals or democrats, the truth is they are socialists, communists, facists, marxists or whatever other 'ist you care to label them with. The point is they are against freedom, against liberty, against free market capitalism, against individual rights and against a constitutional republic. What they are FOR is class warfare, expansive government, government subsidies for failure, and government control of business. In other words, they are FOR tyranny pure and simple. And again as the good doctor pointed out; they are incapable of knowing how destructive that is. It is up to us the reasonable people of America, to fight tooth and nail every individual who would allow even the smallest part of their agenda to be foisted upon the American people. Whether democrat or republican; anyone that votes for expansive government must be summarily dismissed from office in 2012. If you are in a district that has as it's representative part of the Republican establishment, you must watch them like a hawk and defeat them in the next primary if they make even one vote for bigger government. One strike and you're out! must be the mantra for the coming year. God Bless this great nation and give us the strength to carry on with our righteous mission to save this nation from those who intend to destroy, both from within as well as from without.

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