November 15, 2009

More Will Die For Obama's Weakness

Heart felt thoughts and prayers to all of the affected soldiers and their families who were killed or wounded at Fort Hood by the terrorist, Malik Nidal Hasan. Our country already owes such a great debt to our soldiers and their families for all that they sacrifice for us. Further prayers go out to all of our soldiers around the world as it appears that their job is going to get ever harder under this administration.

Let us start by addressing a few facts:

1. Barack Obama has refused to even say 'War on Terror' since he's been elected.
2. Barack Hussein Obama has been to many countries since being elected in which he typically apologizes for America, giving the impression that the War on Terror is a result of America's actions, not those of a radical fascist group which has hijack a major religion for the purpose of bringing down western democracy.
3. This administration, and the last, have done absolutely nothing of substance to curtail the Iranian mullahs pursuit of nuclear weapons.
4. After the attack at Fort Hood, the president spent several minutes of his next press conference talking about frivolous issues before addressing the tragedy at Fort Hood where 13 of America's finest were slaughtered.
5. The shooter at Fort Hood shouted 'God is Great' in Arabic as all terrorists do just before killing westerners.
6. The shooter at Fort Hood used a FNH FiveseveN tactical pistol that is preferred by swat teams for it's capability of penetrating body armor.
7. The shooter at Fort Hood is known to have contacted terrorists web sites, spoke in favor of suicide bombers and considers the Taliban as 'brother Muslims'.
8. And yet, Barack Hussein Obama still refuses to call this man a terrorist. Nor will anyone else in this administration.
9. This man boy, now brings the major terrorists in our custody to New York City to stand trial in civilian court with all of the constitutional protections that involves, when military tribunals are already set up and ready to try them as they should be, for war crimes against civilians in a time of war. This is obviously being done for political reasons. Politics is more important than winning the war.
10. Finally, while our troops are fighting a tough battle to keep the Taliban from resurging in Afghanistan, this administration is lackadaisically deciding whether it is good policy to send them the support they need to complete their stated mission. While he dally's around, our boys are dying.
11. Nidal Hasan is listed by the George Washington University as being a participant in Barack Hussein Obama's transitional team. (page 29 "Thinking Anew - Security Priorities for the next Administration")

Any reasonable person can only come to the conclusion that this is a weak president that will be viewed as such by all the world. This will cause our enemies to be emboldened. They will fight harder. They will recruit more with the promise that we can be defeated. More Americans will die as a result. This is the fate that will befall us because we were so naive as to ignore the history of a rookie running for the highest office at a time of war. What have we done?

This country must come to grips with the fact that we are at WAR with a tenacious enemy that wants nothing more than to kill as many as they can in order to soften our resolve to track them down and kill them first. If we do not, then many many more Americans will die than need to. We kill our own. God have mercy on this nation.


  1. You have so hit the nail on the head with this one.
    The indecision and lack of resolve of not only this president but also the Dems in comgress is a travestuy to our soldiers, and will I fear, lead to another major attack within this country.

    Indeed may God in His mercy save this nation.

  2. Indeed. It is so sad that we have come to a point where we don't even understand war, why it is fought, and how it should be fought. After thousands of years, we still don't get it. We are incapable of identifying and eliminating our enemies...especially the enemy within.

    Thanks for reading.